Why do cougars prefer younger Men? All answer are in here for you to know!

Being a cougar implies the fact that you love to date men that most of times are half of your age. These men know who they are dating, they are very opened to the idea of dating a mature woman. Needles to say that these women can end up being the age of their mother. That shouldn't actually be an issue for most men.

Harry Pridgen
Created by Harry Pridgen
On Jul 27, 2018
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How is decided that a woman is a cougar

The most important way to decide that woman is a cougar is the fact that she has a young man as a date. It wouldn't so obvious if the difference between the woman and the man is as mother to son. It is not a great thought to have but there are moments when a younger man is actually a better decision than a mature man that doesn't know what he wants. Also, a younger man is going to bring some interesting moments in the life of the said woman. And this is actually proffered. A cougar has decided that she is one when she has decided that she is going to date only young men.

Why choose to date young men as a cougar

A cougar will always tell you that she prefers young men because it makes her feel younger. If you want to take on this status, you have to know that this is the biggest advantage there is. Dating younger men will actually keep your confidence up high and you will see that you won't mind thinking in a more open minded way. Having a younger man as a lover is going to give you the chance to understand why life is more beautiful for the young people. A younger man will actually take you on the adventure of your life and you will be happy to see that there are more things to experiment than actually staying at home and watching TV with the family.

How does a man decide he wants a cougar

A man decides that he wants to meet a cougar when he realizes that he is actually interested in mature women. These women have already been through life, they have the means to take care of themselves and they do not expect for a man to pay for them. Also, a cougar has already a stable job, has tried everything she wanted until know and has had a family already. This is actually one of the biggest advantage when choosing to date a cougar. This fact is actually going to take the pressure off the man when it comes to marriage and having children. The woman has already done that and now she is just looking for some fun and nothing else. Going out with a woman that can pay for herself is actually a big plus in a man's agenda, especially a younger man.

What sort of women can qualify for cougar status?

These women that are interested in taking up such a status are women who have themselves a status. Usually they are rich women who have the money worth investing into such a relationship. Other than this fact, a cougar is dependable only on herself, if the man leaves her is not such a big tragedy. Such women do not like drama, they have already been through that and are not looking at a replay. Women who qualify for the cougar status are usually women that look fantastic even if they have age a bit. Also, they like to take care of themselves, to pamper themselves and go to the gym. They do not need to dependable on the man in order to do that. These women have now more time than ever as their children grew up and left the house.

How can a man find a cougar?

A cougar is a woman who likes to have fun and go out. Usually, a man can meet such a woman when he is out with his friends having a drink and socializing. Taking into consideration the status of such a woman, she will always like to go out in really fancy places. She likes to have fun with younger people and she is not ashamed. Another way to meet such a woman is by actually going online and searching for websites that give you this opportunity. There are a lot of them as well.