101 Conversation Starters - Conversation Starters

Rob tun
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101 Conversation Starters - Conversation Starters

"I have a little situation that has hurt me lately, this girl is that I have been a friend of more than a year, and I think I am coming closer to her, at that place ... and nothing has happened, both of us Were!

I mean, is this progress true?

He was sitting on opposite side of Sofia, so I had no physical contact. Last week I invited him for a lunch and we had a fun conversation ... because we had serious serious problems a few weeks ago.

I try to keep myself here! I want to dress it, but I want to reduce the likelihood that it will be fired. So I invited him to this free show and hopefully he says yes. What can we do when we get a date?

Will I have dinner with her?

How should I behave without crossing the line?

I have already installed that I am a friend, and if he rejects me, things should not be strange. I really can use any advice! "

My answer is on the next page ...

Out of the series of friends:
I always say things straightforward, so you have to build!

They are in the field of friends. She would like you ... but you're still in the field of friends.

You behave like a conservative good child who starts learning about all these things and does not know what to do with the girls. It's nice! Why not? Because the recipe is simple and it has been done thousands of times. (Oh, if you have the same problems for everyone then it's easy ... you just use solutions like everyone else.)

Nice Guy Syndrome
Suggesting that "good boy" syndrome prevents you from attracting and achieving success in girls:

- "I'm working in a situation with a girl in a year" - a year? Either you're friends with someone ... or not.

- "He was sitting on opposite side of Sofia, so I could not do it." - You hang it around, you go there ... you do things that I consider to be COUNTLESS girls, because they are shy ... then you say, "sit here" and they are glad to help .

- "I'm trying to stand up" - they'll finish you. Do not think about it. Either you stand or not.

- "I'm trying to wear them" - Whenever you want to actively attract anyone, it's the opposite. (It's a mess, but it's true.) But do not get confused when you're attracted to someone when you want.)

- "I want to reduce the likelihood of dislikes" - Holy, bad thoughtful Batman! Do not be afraid to deny it. You have to confuse it. And he has been a friend for a year ... how can he refuse you? Instead, you should think about it: "I will do very well and if he joins ... it is good, if not, it is good, because there are people who are involved ... and if not I'll do it alone "(and then you meet people there)

- "What can I do to feel like that date?" Ah, this train does not look like a date. The data is weird and no one likes it. Avoid Appointments. If it takes a date, you will not like it anymore.

- "Without crossing a line" - this is a typical "good boy" syndrome with a 100% performance. If you are afraid to cross the boundaries and worry, you will not come from the place of faith and strength. Instead, you have come from a place of fear and insecurity. (Attracts any of them)

- "If she rejects me, things are not funny" - Ahnxious mind man syndrome, she can refuse you, you can just refuse. Adopt ignorance, be courageous, take risks and change your mindset.

Well, we're really interested in your success and why I wrote the reason, because in the end we want you to succeed ... so do not take it personally. I was like that and so there were many (almost all) people here.

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