We have visited some of the best games in the past few weeks, which show robots that are found by users or players like you. Whether you want a game about Mario game, zombie games, Pokemon games or ...

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We have visited some of the best games in the past few weeks, which show robots that are found by users or players like you. Whether you want a game about Mario game, zombie games, Pokemon games or your favorite superhero, there are dozens of people to choose from. But now it's time to move a little bit of resources.

Instead of focusing on other people's games, why do not you open Rocket Studio and start building your own games? Going with the robots is very easy to jump and enjoy without playing beforehand experience or knowledge. It's simple

Get started with Robles Studio
Robox Studios is a basic interface that gives you an idea of ​​all your ROBBox creations. Here you can begin to build the world, you can prepare your own game model that can be loaded from the database, and with the help of special tools created by Roboks Corporation Builder and other resources to use resources and resources, the program can also be switched on and on. Stop Learning

When you open Rockbox Studios for the first time, it's something like the picture above. If you want to get started from the main menu, you can choose how you make the template (or if you want to start) and then top the topic or the subject of western or ace or tabs at the world of race or gameplay. .

Obby Roblox is one of the easiest and most popular kind of games you'll see. This is basically 3d obstacles where players have to navigate by jumping and jumping to avoid dangerous and level hazards and other areas. They are like platforms in the nerves of Mario and Sonic.

In this tutorial, we will focus on making OBY the first game.

Create your first game
Choose the Obi template and you should load it and there is an interface that looks like the picture above you. In the middle is the atmosphere of the game where you can click items, drag items and use a fully runable world with few mouse clicks. There are so many things in Robotic Studios, but do not try to get trapped.

Because this is a sample, that means the original mechanics already exists. To avoid the road, you have a starting and end point as well as risks. To do it yourself, we can make some simple changes.

First of all, change the sky and change the sky at night time. In the Explorer column, right-click on the light where it resides, and open a new box below that property - lights. It includes "light" with a group of numbers, just scroll down to the data field and say "time off" and where is the unique time. This is in military times, so you must use the 24-hour version at the most important time. For example, I set it at 02:00:00, so it's 2am, nice and dark with some bright stars.

Go to the game Environment menu and click on some floating squares. You can actually change the color quickly and easily using the color option in the editing area. If you want to create new platforms, copy and paste it and then drag them into the atmosphere so that they think it's entertaining and challenging. Do not forget to make new red squares! This should be avoided by your player and it adds a challenge to your game.

Finish your first game
It would have made you a few minor changes in your OBB so that it goes a little further. With Robbox you can do a lot, it was just a small opening credits. I strongly recommend reviewing tutorials in Robox Studio, watching online tutorials and thinking about my book with the following robots.

Once your game has reached a point that you think is "complete", you can see it and post it in the box. Click the file to begin the process, and then click Publish on robots. From here you can name your game, add a statement and set up everything and be ready to go.

For more information on Roblox on Geekkcom, close, where the game only recommends recommendations but detailed break stages and those who find them play through our portal Robloks.


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