The Big Climate Change Quiz

You are terrified about climate change! So you have joined millions around the world for Greta's school strike for the climate. This is not anything to do with skipping lessons of course, you feel passionately. But have you got your facts straight? Time to find out...

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On Oct 16, 2019
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Are you ready to go on a climate strike?

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1.     By how many degrees Celsius has the world warmed in the past twenty years?

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2. By how many degrees Celsius has the world warmed since the pre-industrial period?

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3.     It is thought there were between 5,000 and 15,000 polar bears alive in 1960; how many polar bears are alive today?

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4.     What share of world energy consumption is met by wind and solar energy?

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5.     Since the 1920s, what has happened to the number of people being killed by extreme weather events?

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6. What is the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere?

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7. What does the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change say about flooding?

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8.     Fossil fuels accounted for 81% of world energy usage in 2017. What is this figure predicted to be in 2040? 

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9.     What proportion of new car sales in Europe were plug-in electric vehicles in 2017?

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10.     Between 1981 and 2015, the proportion of people in the world living in extreme poverty has...

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11. What has happened to the global area burned by fires during the years from 1998 to 2015?

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12.     Since 1982, what has happened to global tree cover?

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