Top 5 4K Ultra HD Gaming Monitor with HDR

Check Our List of Top 5 4K Ultra HD Gaming Monitor for Your Gaming Buildup.

Top 5 4K Ultra HD Gaming Monitor with HDR

As an avid gamer, you may have probably purchased the best graphics processing unit powered by a powerful CPU and are left with only one piece of the puzzle; display. Pursuing the best monitor to replicate the gaming framework may be a bit of a challenge. With so many things to consider like resolution, refresh rate, and their costs, you may want to rethink on which to buy. Here is more info about 144Hz monitors.


Acer Predator X27

The Predator X27 is a beautiful masterpiece which combines all the desired specifications in a perfect gaming system. It combines NVIDIA’s G-sync and HDR coupled with a decent 4K resolution display. It offers a 144Hz refresh rate that can be overclocked to produce a faster rate. Its display is as a result of the highly advanced single controlled LED zones that produce the widest contrast ratios.

One of its best features is probably the supported NVIDIA’s Ultra-Low Motion-Blur that works hand in hand with the speedy refresh rate to achieve gaming smoothness. It is the Holy Grail of gaming monitors.



The 27 inch gaming monitor provides one of the best of image quality with a refresh rate of up to 165Hz. Its IPS LCD panel provides excellent image quality with clocking at 4ms in response time. With the state of the art NVIDIA G-sync and HDR, the monitor delivers the best gaming experience with real lifelike colors and contrast to bring out the smallest details before your eyes.

Its very own ASUS based Aura synch technology allows for synchronization with other Aura enabled devices and peripherals. The ROG light casts the ROG logo giving it the sleekest design in the market.


LG 27UD68-P-Ultra HD

This monitor offers Ultra HD capability with free sync. It’s also a 27-inch IPS monitor offers accurate image quality with minimal distortion. Its free sync feature allows for the perfect gaming experience with on screen control with screen split. Its Black stabilizer allows for a wider contrast range making it easier to play the dark background first person shooter games like Resident Evil.

Not only does it offer a customized setting for FPS and RTS modes, it also allows for clear live gaming screens to offer perfect sync between the graphics card and the screens refresh rate.


ASUS MG28UQ Gaming Monitor

This monitor offers lighting fast response time clocking at speeds of up to 1ms due to the Adaptive Sync technology. The display doesn’t fall short offering a 4K Ultra HD playback with the ASUS based GamePlus and Game-Visual Technologies to give you high detailed visuals. At 60Hz refresh rate, it offers the fastest connectivity with a display port 1.2, a HDMI (V.1.4) and a USB 3.0.


Acer XB280HK bprz Ultra HD wide Monitor

This was the first monitor to include NVIDIA’s G-sync technology. Its TN display offers sharp image quality with color processing visible for dark and grey parts of the screen. Although it may not be comparable to the IPS displays of this year’s monitors, it challenges most monitors with its 28-inch 4k Graphics with Ultra HD resolution.

These monitors may be costly but the gaming experience you get off from them is worth it. Each product description may give you the right amount of info about 144Hz monitors in comparison to high end gaming monitors.