5 Reasons To Use Load Bars for Trucks

Ashley Syrys
Created by Ashley Syrys
On Feb 26, 2019
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5 Reasons To Use Load Bars for Trucks

Load bars are being used in trucking industry to protect cargo when it is in transit from a long time. Load bars for trucks have ratcheting mechanisms and are constructed using aluminum or steel. To keep the load in place, you can use the bar until the device connects with floor, wall or ceiling. Its primary purpose is to shield your cargo and prevent it from slipping into the traffic. Let us understand more about load bars below.

What are load bars?

Load bars are extremely versatile and include metal rails having various slots with attachments, allowing you to optimize your storage space. They are mainly used by truck owners or professional movers who use trucks or trailers for commercial work. They ensure that the items you haul arrive as safely and smoothly as possible.

What are the benefits of load bars?

Load bars are a simple solution to keep the load out of way. They are made of nylon, rubberized polymer and reinforced with steel to provide extra strength. Want to know how they can help you? Read on to know.

1. Cost effective: You spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on your load, so why not take a step to ensure its security? You can significantly lower the loss by installing load bars. They prevent the chances of lifting heavy load and repetitive bending. This also helps to prevent load from falling, minimizing the expense associated with claims and injuries. Plus, with the added security, you can reduce the compliance fines as load is stowed properly.

2. Space: 6 load bars can eat up nearly 17 square feet of your truck. Use a load bar and you can free ample of space as you are simply required to clip it on the wall, so that you can haul more in less space.

3. Time saving: By using a load bar, you are not responsible to adjust load in frequent intervals to time. You don't even have to tackle cargo placed on the truck’s floor. Plus, you can save up considerable amount of time as you won’t have to spend time searching for load- you will know exactly where it is.

4. Compliance: Law states that it is essential to safeguard your load. Load bar is an excellent means to keep the load safe and save your company's money.

5. Easy to use: Load bar is extremely easy to install. You simply have to clip the load bar to the existing E-track and that's it.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy load bars for trucks today!

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