Introduction To Server Rendered Vue.js Apps With Nuxt.js

Start building highly engaging Vue.js apps with Nuxt.js

John Alex
Created By John Alex
On Mar 22, 2018
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Introduction :-

Across the web development community, you’ll see people talking more about server-side rendering these days. After compelling different aspects of server-side rendering and it’s performance benefits over rendering HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the server, we can come to the conclusion that we have less JavaScript to parse both initially and on subsequent updates. While rendering over servers we can cache the final shape of our data. Rather than grabbing JSON or any other information from the server to parsing our data. Subsequently using JavaScript to create unique layouts of that information. We are actually doing a lot of these upfront calculations to send down these actual HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that we need won’t be wrong. This can actually build a pile of benefits for caching, SEO to speed up your apps or website.

What is Nuxt.js?

Nuxt.js is a framework for making Universal Vue.js Applications.
Its primary degree is UI rendering while at the same time abstracting without end the customer/server dissemination.
We will likely make a structure sufficiently adaptable that you can utilize it as a primary venture base or notwithstanding your present undertaking in light of Node.js.
Vue.js Application Server Rendered are made more charming as Nuxt.js presets all the arrangement. Moving ahead, we can also additionally give another arrangement choice called: nuxt create. It will construct a Static Generated Vue.js Application. We trust that alternative could be the following enormous advance in the improvement of Web Applications with microservices.
Being into the system, Nuxt.js accompanies a ton of highlights to enable you in your improvement between the customer to the side and the server side, for example, Asynchronous Data, Middleware, Layouts, and so on.

Nuxt.js is a more elevated amount system that you can use with a CLI summon that you can use to make all-inclusive Vue applications.
Here are a few, not all, of the advantages:

  1. Server-Side Rendering
  2. Automatic Code Splitting
  3. Powerful Routing System
  4. Great lighthouse scores out of the gate 🐎
  5. Static File Serving
  6. ES6/ES7 Transpilation
  7. Hot reloading in Development
  8. Pre-processors: SASS, LESS, Stylus, etc
  9. Write Vue Files to create your pages and layouts!
  10. My personal favorite: easily add transitions to your pages

Get started with nuxt.js?

Here is a comprehensive course where you'll learn and build some highly engaging Vue JS apps with Nuxt.js exploring the following concepts:-

  • What Nuxt.js exactly is and how it's connected to Vue.js
  • How to use Nuxt.js to build better Vue apps
  • Approach took by Nuxt by configuring folders and files.
  • Building different possibilities like SSR apps, SPAs or a static webpage
  • How you build a complete project.

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