Odd Food Cravings And What They Actually Mean

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On Jul 1, 2019
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Odd Food Cravings And What They Actually Mean

Do you crave for chocolates when you're feeling depressed?. Well, that might not be just a coincidence. The chances are that your body might be telling you something vital that you surely should not ignore. Mostly we crave for foods that are missing from our daily diets (yes, mostly fried and junk food). A food craving is an intense hunger or desire for a certain food item that can start from a slight inclination towards a food item and go on to become an urge that refuses to recede. We all have experienced food cravings, and it can start anywhere and anytime. Like right now I'm craving for a cake, and I need immediate cake delivery in Delhi.
Let's get down to some science behind it. Food cravings are caused by that part of the brain that controls memory and pleasure. Leptin and serotonin (hormones) imbalance also cause these cravings.
Fact: some studies have shown that food craving lasts only for 3-5 minutes.
Here is why these cravings hit you out of nowhere, and you can't stop eating from that tub of ice cream.

Say Cheese
Ah yes, cheese is love! It's creamy texture and flavour can be felt with every bite. What's not to feen about, right? But that is not the real reason for the greed of cheese. You might be running low on fats and vitamin D if you crave cheese. Now, you understand the reason why longing for cheesy foods increases during the darker months. Also, cheese contains tryptophan, a compound which helps in mood relaxation. It can help you in your depressed state. Don't consider cheese to be lousy food when its full-fat variety is actually healthy.
Melted over a pizza or clubbed with garlic bread, how do you like your craving? Its cheesy taste makes it a crave-worthy food.

Chocolate Cravings
This is the most popular type of food craving, and don't worry; you are not alone. Half the world feels the same, but you know why? You long for chocolate mainly when you're depressed or bummed (you might not even know the reason) and your body is trying to self medicate itself with this brown stuff. Chocolates boost up the mood, improve the feeling of calmness, and reduce the stress hormones. “ chocolates make you happy” - even science knows it. Another reason for chocolate craving can be that your body lacks magnesium. Consume some limited amount every day to fulfill that deficiency. Get a cake delivery right now and gulp it without any guilt. 

The consumption of Soda in the US is really high. Some people swear that they can't go by a day without consuming Soda. I should warn you that unlike other foods in this list, Soda can be harmful. You may be obsessed with its fizzy sweetness, but Soda is loaded with unhealthy sugar and harmful chemicals. There are two reasons why you might be craving for this bubbly water. First, you might have a calcium deficiency. Soda containing drinks deplete calcium from your bones and make you crave for it. It is a vicious circle. Secondly, the caffeine hit. Besides so many other chemicals, Soda contains caffeine ( 30 mg per serving). You urge for that caffeine. Try to replace Soda with sparkling water or some fruit juice.

Spicy Food
I have heard people shouting over the counter to make their food extra spicy (okay, I'm one of them). People love spicy food to the extent that their eyes start tearing, and it starts messing with the brain functioning. But did you know that eating spicy food helps you to cool down? Yes, you heard that right. The logic behind it is that When you eat spicy stuff, your body starts sweating and then the sweat evaporates, giving your body cooling effects. That Explains why warmer countries are famous for their spice-rich cuisines. The other reason why you must be addicted to spices is that it gives a temporary adrenaline rush and jolts up your complete body. It's scientifically proven that some people crave for this rush.

Cupcakes/ Cakes
 Are you dreaming of this sugary stuff day and night? Well, you might need to spend more time sleeping. No kidding, but some researches say that people who do not get enough sleep tend to consume higher calories on the next day. And not just any other calories, but they chose cupcakes and cakes(sugar) to fight their exhaustion. They aren't having enough of joy, so they crave for instant delights. Sweets craving is the most common type of craving people complain of having. Feeling exhausted? Order a cake online and have a good sleep while it gets delivered to you. 

Have you caught yourself daydreaming about some starchy carbs like Pasta? There nothing wrong in that because Pasta is obviously never disappointing stuff. It is loaded with high energy carbs which are actually useful for the body, and if you are craving for Pasta, that means that you must be running low on calories and nutrition like chromium. Why do you think the craving gets stronger during winters? Because your body needs extra calories to keep itself warm. Also, high carbs foods like Pasta promote the release of feel-good hormones (serotonin) that could possibly mean that you need mood booster if you are craving for it.

These are some comfort foods people reach out for when physically and emotionally drained. And now you know what your cravings are trying to convey. Cravings for food is just like cravings for forbidden fruit, and once you remove that tag, you can control them. But once in a while, indulging in desires did no harm to anyone. So, Go ahead, eat that piece of cake you have been craving for the whole week.
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