Poetry Grrrowl: Rad Women of Poetry Trivia

Test your knowledge and discover even more rad women of poetry with our #poetrygrrrowl quiz this National Poetry Month.


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On Apr 3, 2019
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Poetry Grrrowl: Rad Women of Poetry Trivia

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Leanne Simpson called this Anishnaabekwe poet and author of Indianland (ARP Books) a talented emerging Indigenous writer in multiple interviews.

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In her latest book Love in the Chthulucene (Cthulhucene (Wolsak & Wynn)
this poet grapples with #MeToo, climate change, and political turmoil.

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This Toronto poet just released a collection called Plastic's Republic (Guernica Editions) about Barbie's impact on female beauty.

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Pedlar Press author of These Wings was the fourth poet laureate of the City of Greater Sudbury (2016-18) and the first woman to be appointed to the role.

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This queer disabled femme poet who wrote Bodymap (Mawenzi House) and Tonguebreaker (Arsenal Pulp Press) is a lead artist with the disability justice performance collective Sins Invalid.

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In her newest After Birth (Palimpsest Press) this CBC Poetry Prize-longlisted poet reflects on mothering and motherhood.

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This BC poet and comedian whose newest book is titled It's a Big Deal! (Talonbooks) hosts the popular podcast Can't Lit.

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This poet navigates through what it means to be an Indigenous trans woman in her upcoming debut collection Disintegrate/Dissociate (Arsenal Pulp Press).

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She won the Trillium Book Award for Poetry in 2017 for her collection Yes or Nope (Mansfield Press).

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In their newest collection transVersing (Breakwater Books) this dynamic duo collect some of Newfoundland’s most vibrant trans-youth voices.

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