Main Advantages of Using LED Grow Lights

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On Sep 28, 2019
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Main Advantages of Using LED Grow Lights

Many people living in cities want to grow crops in their gardens, need sunlight to help them grow into tasty, beautiful fruits and vegetables. But there are more apartment buildings than houses; natural sunlight cannot reach your crops in these apartments. So LED grow lights were introduced for indoor plants. Several other types of grow lights are also present but there are many advantages of LED lights over other grow lights.

Advantages of LED Grow Lights

Long Lifetime
Another advantage of LED grow lights is that their LED bulbs are last long. As compared to other grow lights LED lights to have around 85000 more hours of lifespan which enables them to last for 11 years of continuous lighting. Even after 10 years, these LED grow lights do not stop working all of a sudden but it slowly decreases its brightness. To grow crops in an indoor environment constant lighting is important and using grow lights with such a long life is a big advantage.
Save Energy
LED grow lights can produce the same amount of light as HID and HPS grow lights with lower watts. This can also help you to save electricity bills by decreasing energy consumption by up to 50 %. LED lights directly convert electricity into the light so emits less heat than other grow lights. This low heat and higher efficiency of LED grow lights help plants in better growing and blossoming. 

Easy To Install
LED grow lights are very easy in installation, especially for smaller grow rooms. These lights are manufactured as all in one package and just need to be simply plugged in. Growers need not worry to hang any reflector or about overheating the grow space as these grow lights provide stable temperatures and airflows.


  • Varieties of LED grow lights include dimming, spectrum, and timing controls as per installed technology. 
  • In the dimming controller, the grower is allowed to customize the amount of wavelength transmitted to the plants and is dimmable from the intensity of 1% to 100%. Grower can dim the lights depending on the stage of plants.
  • In a spectrum controller, one can independently control every panel of the spectrum. This allows the grower to turn different colors of LED grow light ON and OFF depending on the requirement and grow stage of strain.
  • In timing controller grower is allowed to program dimming and spectrum schedule and has a manual choice of intensity and spectrum for every hour of the day.

Where To Buy LED Grow Lights?
You can buy LED grow lights online from our official website: we have a wide range of led grow lights for your indoor plants. You can choose from different options sorted as the stage of concentration. We do have LED grow lights which are designed especially for the seedling stage, flower stage, and full stage of your crops. We at Morsen LED help you in growing crops much easier and effectively by providing the sufficient light required by them to grow.