Quiz: what type of millennial are you?

Stylist readers, this quiz will finally reveal which of the three types of millennial you are most like...

Kayleigh Dray
Created by Kayleigh Dray
On Jul 24, 2017

What are you drinking?

Pick a millennial catchphrase:

It’s time for breakfast – so what are you eating?

Who do you live with?

Which website are you most likely to visit?

Your Instagram is filled with…

Pick a TV show to watch:

You remember when floppy discs were actually floppy - true or false?

How do you feel about talking on the phone?

Your first personal music device was…

Did you ever have a hotmail account?

Have you ever used a dial-up modem to access the internet?

How do you feel about avocados?

How were you introduced to instant messaging?

Which film franchise defines your millennial generation?

Which of the following TV shows did you love most as a kid?

Pick a girl band:

What best describes your dream job?

The man bun – thoughts?

Have you ever gone through a quarter life crisis?

The nostalgic millennial

The nostalgic millennial

You may be a millennial, but you’re obsessed with old-school hobbies, brands, games, TV shows, music, films and fashion. This means that you can go for weeks without updating your social media platforms (although you do use them to silently keep an eye on everyone else), you rarely update your apps, and you mainly use Facebook as a digital photo album. You’d happily spend a night munching on a plate of beans on toast while watching cartoons for grown-ups – and Stranger Things spoke to you on so very many levels. So what if you’re stuck in the past? That makes you kitschy – and there’s nothing cooler than a kitschy millennial, bae.

The reluctant millennial

The reluctant millennial

Your childhood was a blissful computer-free experience – but, once you hit your teens, you entered the dot-com bubble. We bet that you had one of the first Facebook accounts. We bet that you had a Tumblr page before it was cool. And we’re willing to bet that you used a landline phone to organise meet-ups with your pals (and had to say hello to their parents before you were allowed to talk to your bestie). Nowadays, you’ve swapped newspapers for your mobile phone, overdose on Netflix shows with the best of us, and you even snap the occasional selfie. But, while you’re on board with the world’s appreciation for good coffee, craft beer and gin, you’re not a fan of the ‘unicorn’ and ‘mermaid’ food trends. Snapchat ain’t your scene. You don’t think you’ll ever use the word “bae” without grimacing – and you need a vocabulary guide to Love Island. So what? All the best people do, we promise…

The ultimate millennial

The ultimate millennial

You are the ultimate millennial, bae: you’ve snapped a picture-perfect plate of avocado toast, used the phrase “on fleek” without any irony, and you’ve swiped right on Tinder more than once. You’ve achieved a state of Hygge. You’ve attended yoga, spin, and/or boxercise classes. You’re up-to-date on the latest episode of Love Island – and you’ve been tweeting about it, too. Why? Well, because you’re a #blessed and wildly ambitious adventurer who’s keen to try new things – and, more importantly, show off all the new things you’re trying via your social media accounts. Hey, we’re not throwing shade, we promise – if anyone’s going to break the internet, it’s you.