Daily cleaning list for homes with children

Aaron Hammer
Created by Aaron Hammer
On Dec 14, 2018
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First things first. It can be pretty challenging and hard to keep a home clean, especially with children. Keeping the place sparkling is far from possible but keeping it clean and tidy can be easily achieved. Today I will share some of the daily chores I try to adhere to. What is even more, I will also share a few secrets to cleaning with children.

Trying to clean the house while your children are still growing is like sweeping the leaves while a high wind is still blowing. But although it can be hard to keep your home neat and tidy when you have got kids, you can still make a success. As a matter of fact, the secret is to get your children in on the act. They should be the solution, not the problem itself.

How often should you vacuum the floors?

When you have children, vacuuming once per week cannot be enough. I force myself to vacuum every day but sometimes I do it even twice a day or every other day. Of course, it depends on how many people live in the house and how messy and cluttered they tend to make the property look like.

Other chores

  • The first thing I do in the morning is to make the bed because this kind of make me feel I am ready for the rest of the day. Then, I do the laundry which includes washing, drying and folding.
  • As I use the kitchen every day to prepare different meals, I have to clean it often which is why I spray and wipe the counter tops on a daily basis. I just cannot stand the thought of having crumbs and leftovers all over the kitchen which is why I have to sweep the floors often, too. I also wipe down the bathroom counter tops which usually takes only a couple of minutes.
  • The daily chores also include tenancy cleaning the kitchen appliances. You can use a glass cleaner or a stainless steel wipe to remove the fingerprints. Then, just use a paper towel to wipe and you are ready. It will not take you more than a minute.
  • Load the dishwasher after meals and make sure to unload it before going to bed so that it can be ready in the morning.
  • 5 minute pick-up. This one I learned from a friend of mine. It is so simple yet so efficient. Make sure to spend about 5 minutes a night collecting things from the floors such as books, toys, etc. You can do it with your children so they will know that they are also responsible for making the household run smoothly. To make it fun, have a race! Set a timer and put the things to their designate place before the timer goes off.

A few more chores for your children

  • If your children are old enough, they can help you prepare the breakfast.
  • Make their beds in the morning.
  • Get their school back packs, shoes and uniforms ready for the day.
  • Clean their own rooms, including dusting and vacuuming.
  • Take the trash out.
  • Pick up their toys from the floor.

Children love to feel appreciated and to help out. If cleaning and de-cluttering is part of those expectations you set in the family, your children will understand that they are actually an important part of this family. It is of great importance to find tasks which are appropriate for the age of the kid. For example, for 2-year-old kids it might not be a good idea to make them vacuum the house.