Common 10 Mistakes made by Guys at a Strip Club

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On Nov 5, 2018
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Strip Clubs are places where you allow yourself to let go a bit. And that is fair enough as long as you do not become a source of trouble for the people around. But not all visitors understand this fact and end up being escorted out by the bouncers. You might think that you are having fun and that is the whole point of going to a strip bar but your idea of fun can be heavily wrong. Here we talk about the 10 most common mistakes that guys usually make when inside a strip club. Read on to avoid making one the next time you visit a strip club.

  • Dressing Messy

One of the most reckless mistakes that guys make while visiting a strip club is to dress shabbily. It is understandable that you want to be comfortable and you are getting ready for a casual night out. But dressing shabby might lead to the projection of a wrong impression about you both on the strippers and the club bouncers.

  • Not being able to handle their booze

It often happens that in an adult entertainment club offers a free bar to its premium members and lucky customers. But that does not mean that you completely let yourself go and let loose the hell trapped inside you. Most guys can’t handle their alcohol when at an adult entertainment club. If you have been committing the same mistake, learn to handle your booze now and assume caution.

  • Misbehaving with the ladies

While most of the misbehaving is a result of poorly handled alcohol, this mistake is too grave to not be mentioned separately. It is very natural that guys can get a bit unleashed at a full nude strip club. Unleashing yourself is a part of the fun. But you should never cross your limits. Most guys fail to understand that being at a strip club does not warranty illicit behavior on their part. So behave.

  • Touching and Harassing the Strippers during the show

A full nude strip club is a place for fun. You can enjoy yourself, dance with the strippers if they allow it and can even get a nice lap dance by paying the appropriate price. But one mistake that guys often tend to make is touching and harassing the strippers during such shows. While some strippers allow being touched not all the ladies allow it. So, respect the wishes of the leading ladies and avoid this mistake.

  • Getting in fights

An adult entertainment club can be a very bad place for fights. Put around 100 drunk men together and what else do you need for a quarrel to brew. This is one of the major drunk mistakes that guys commit at an adult entertainment club. This not only causes inconvenience to the strip joint but is also inconvenient for other people. Plus nobody likes such behavior. So avoid fights as much as you can.

  • Giving the bartenders a tough time

Guys often treat bartenders as slaves while at a strip club. Scolding them for late drinks, use of abuse or inappropriate language is common on the part of guys at an adult entertainment club. So, try avoiding this mistake and practice to be polite to the people around you next time you find yourself at a strip club.

  • Disturbing the other visitors

So, you are having your share of fun. You are hanging out with your guys, shouting at the top of your voice, enjoying the show at a full nude strip club. But you forget that there are other people there as well. This is one mistake that guys tend to ignore. Cross this behavior off your list when you visit a strip club again.

  • Dirtying the place

When visiting a strip club, guys often tend to forget that it is a public place and needs to be maintained. You are paying for the services but that does not entitle you to dirty the place and spread your shit all around. Do not make this mistake of messing up the bar and be a responsible party person.

  • Coming late into the bar

Each bar has a fixed time for entry to its shows. You might cause inconvenience to the doorman and the staff by making a late appearance. Avoid being late at all costs and be a punctual visitor.

  • Being a Showoff

The worst mistake that you can ever make is flaunting- your money, your style, or your attitude. Nobody likes a showoff. Neither the strippers nor the club managers. So do not show off more than you should and try being sober and decent instead.

So now that you have your cheat sheet for the top strip club mistakes, we hope you can work towards being a more responsible strip club goer now on. All the best!