How do you get rid of snoring ? - Step By Step Guide

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How do you get rid of snoring ? - Step By Step Guide

Snoring is often seen as a problem only in the beginning by partners of snorers . After all, they are those who suffer from noise pollution. Research by the British Lung Foundation shows that people with a snoring partner sleep about one and a half hours a night less than partners of non-snorers. Over a year seen that is more than three weeks! In addition, prolonged snoring can lead to unpleasant ailments , so it is also important for the snorer to stop snoring. Below we explain in our 'how do you get rid of snoring?' - how to approach this.

The 'how do you get rid of snoring?' - step-by-step plan
Step 1: Research where your snoring complaints come from
In order to tackle your snoring behavior successfully, it is necessary to know what the exact cause of your snoring problem is. After all, it will be of little use to tackle your nose complaints if the source of your complaints lies in a narrowed airway in the pharynx. But how do you handle this?
General practitioner
Consult your doctor. Your doctor can help you find out the exact cause of your snoring behavior and advise you on possible treatments . If necessary, your GP can also refer you to a specialized ENT doctor or sleeping center.
Snoring app
What you can also have a lot on, even though this may sound strange, is a snoring app. A snoring app measures your snoring behavior and shows you how much and how hard you have snored each night. So it is the perfect way to test different remedies , because you can look at the result the next morning. You can think of the use of an anti snoring agent , but also the influence of, for example, alcohol or smoking on your snoring behavior. A fine snoring app is SnurkLab .

Step 2: Change your sleeping habits

Sometimes snoring is caused by bad sleeping habits and adjusting it can cause major changes. Some tips:
Eating and drinking before bedtime
The food, drinks and medication that you take before you go to sleep can have a big influence on your snoring behavior. Think for example of:

  • Alcoholic drinks . Alcohol is a major cause of snoring, because it causes a weakening of the muscles, including the muscles in the mouth and throat. This makes snoring free play. Ideally, your alcohol will be left standing, but if you find this difficult, drink a maximum of two drinks at the latest two to four hours before you go to sleep.
  • Heavy meals . Avoid (rather) heavy meals, because a full stomach pushes the lungs upwards and makes breathing more difficult.
  • Eating fat . Also look out for eating fat, because in some people this can lead to the production of extra stomach acid and acid regurgitation . These can affect the throat walls and cause snoring to work.
  • Dairy products . You can also avoid dairy products better. Dairy products leave a layer in the mouth and stimulate the mucus production .
  • Medication . Sleep medication or sedatives can have a similar effect on the muscles as alcohol . Talk to your doctor if you think your medication is a possible cause of your snoring behavior. Adjust never himself just the dose!

If you often suffer from the presence of excess mucus in your nose , you do well to release them before you go to bed. This will help you breathe better and reduce the chance of snoring. An effective way to clear the airways is to take a steam bath with eucalyptus or peppermint oil . The steam will also ensure humidification of your airways, which reduces irritation of the mucous membrane. For excess mucus in your pharynx you can gargle with a glass of water with peppermint oil . If you continue to have persistent mucus build-up, it could be that you are suffering from an allergy .

Sleep position
The supine position is the position in which snorers often snore the most and hardest, because chances are that the lower jaw, tongue and throat tissues fall backwards and block the pharynx. Make sure you sleep as much as possible on your side , possibly with the help of a pillow block, tennis ball attached to your back or anti snoring pillow . Some snorers benefit from slightly raising the head of the bed.

In addition, provide a cool, well-ventilated bedroom . If necessary, purchase a humidifier if you suffer from dry air.
Step 3: A healthy lifestyle

Stopping snoring will be even better if you also make adjustments to your lifestyle in addition to the above measures. In many cases, snoring behavior is related to unhealthy lifestyle habits .

To lose weight
Overweight is a known cause of snoring, mainly in men. This is because the fat storage in them mainly occurs in the neck and abdomen, while fat is more often around the thighs in women. Fat storage in the neck leads to a thickening of the walls of the pharynx and to fat that presses against the throat , making the air passage narrower. 

Quit smoking

Every smoker knows that smoking is extremely harmful and can lead to many health problems , but smoking can also lead to snoring is not known to everyone. 

Step 4: Anti snoring agent

Nasal Strips and other oils are used for curing the snoring problem. If you perform the above measures faithfully, chances are that your snoring complaints will be solved or reduced to a large extent. Sometimes, however, you need an extra helping hand , especially if your complaints are caused by obesity, for example: it takes a while before you lose the extra pounds. In that case you can use an anti snoring agent 

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