What pagoda would you choose on Lunar One?

The last of humanity lives on a moon colony called Lunar One, broken down into four societies, or pagodas. After the year-long Stage, Interns are permitted to select the pagoda they wish to join for life. Which would you select?

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Which of the following do you value the most?

What are your preferred plans on a Sunday morning?

Of the following options, which kind of job would you prefer?

Let's go grab a drink!

Which of the following places would you most want to live?

You've got a vacation coming up! What will you do?

Friends and family would describe you as...

If a friend steals from you, what do you do?

How do you feel about rules and laws?

You're flirting with someone you like, how do you try to make that connection?

You get home from the store and realize they owe you an extra dollar in change. What do you do?



After the Stage, you should select to join the Norgen Pagoda of the Lunar One Colony. Norgen society is based on social democracy, equality amongst its members being its highest priority. Extremely community based, your job will best serve the needs of the pagoda based on your aptitude.



After the Stage, you should select to join the Yorkwall Pagoda of the Lunar One Colony. Yorkwall, a portmanteau of New York and Wall Street, is a society based on the free market - money talks for the Yorkies. In theory, every Yorkie has the chance to make huge money and live a life of luxury. In reality, most Yorkies make a meager living working long, hard hours, while an elite few horde most of the pagoda's wealth.



After the Stage, you should select to join the Unity Pagoda of the Lunar One Colony. The founders of Unity blamed a lack of divine worship as the cause of humanity's near destruction; its members are called to live according to the Unified Tenants. Shunning organized religion, the members of Unity spend their lives exploring their spirituality and helping maintain their pagoda with trivial manual labor.



After the Stage, you should select to join the Giza Pagoda of the Lunar One Colony. Giza is a caste society founded by the former prisoners of Penal One and serve as the colony's prison enforcement unit. Believing their descendants would never be treated fairly, they formed a closed society. Law and order are utmost in their society, every minute of their day planned.

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