All about Tongue Cancer That You Really Need to Know

The below article is written to educate readers about tongue cancer, its symptoms and treatment. The reader can explore the article to find out basic information of the tongue cancer.

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The tongue of the human body is basically divided into two parts- one is the front part also known as oral tongue and the rest of the part is called the base tongue. Thus, cancer in the oral part of the tongue is known as tongue cancer. Like any other types of cancers, tongue cancer also has different stages and the earlier it is diagnosed, the easier it is to remove the cancer cell.

What are the symptoms of Tongue cancer?
It is very necessary that you start observing any signs or symptoms that you find quite abnormal. Well, there are chances that some of those symptoms might occur due to other medical conditions, but it is best advised that you visit the doctor as soon as possible.             
Main symptoms of tongue cancer:

  • Red or white patches on the lining of the mouth or on the tongue
  • Having difficulty in swallowing food
  • Continuous sore throat issues
  • Random bleeding on the tongue
  • Having difficulty in moving the side jaws
  • A lump or ulcer on the tongue
  • Intense pain on the tongue
  • Unclear occurring of voice
  • Pain in the neck or ear

How tongue cancer is diagnosed?
Below are the tests that can be done in order to diagnose tongue cancer:

  • Ultrasound
  • Biopsy
  • CT scan
  • MRI scan
  • X-ray
  • PET scan

What are the tongue cancer treatment methods?

·        By surgery: If the size of the tumor is small, then surgery is performed in order to remove it. However, if the size of the tumor is large, then a certain part or the entire tongue is removed from the patient’s mouth.

·        By radiotherapy: often, the doctors use the combination of surgery and radiotherapy if the size of the tumors in the patient is large. Even, in some cases, either one or both the nodes of the neck are removed from the patient’s body. This term is also known as neck dissection.

·        By Chemotherapy: Basically, in this method of treatment, anti-cancer drugs are given to the patient intravenously in order to stop or reduce the growth of cancer-causing cells.

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