How to Tell Whether to Repair or Replace Your AC?

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One of the tougher questions homeowners have to figure out as it pertains to their existing AC unit is whether to replace or repair it when it has problems. It really comes down to whether they feel the repair is worth the money, versus the benefit of a new system. If you are debating whether to repair your existing unit or have an AC installation in Snellville, GA, use this as a guide.

Evaluate its Age
Anything older than eight years will not fall under the government requirement that manufacturers use a refrigerant that is not an ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbon. That makes repair more expensive. It also means that many parts of your existing unit will be harder to get, which makes them more expensive and unless you get lucky, they will take longer to procure.

Assess its Efficiency
Newer AC units generally draw about 50% less power than units that are as young as 8 years old. That is because older units operate at or below 10 on the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER.) The SEER is the amount of energy required to achieve a specific cooling output.
Through 2006, a 10 SEER rating was standard, but the minimum now is 13, which equates to 30% less electricity consumptions and 30% lower cooling bills. Adhering to and exceeding the SEER will not only lower the amount of power needed to operate, it also qualifies for a federal tax credit and possibly it will qualify for local incentives to “go green.” In warmer climates, it is not hard to see how a $3 or $4K unit can quickly pay itself off.

Inspect the Ductwork
It does not matter what type of unit you have, if your ductwork is porous, you will lose cooled air. It is estimated that the typical home’s ductwork loses 10 – 30% of its air before it reaches your living space. Getting your ductwork tested is a good first step before deciding on any unit replacement or repair. If you can repair your ducts, you could find that your unit is not running less efficiently, its ducts were leaking like a sieve.

Compare and Contrast
Before deciding whether to repair or replace an AC unit, you should compare your existing unit with the overall cost, energy savings and efficiency you will achieve with a new unit. Then factor in the cost of anticipated repairs over the next several years. If the projected numbers for the existing unit exceed the cost of anew unit, you should replace your old one.

Determining whether to repair or replace your existing AC does not have to be a hard decision. It really comes down to a value judgment and common sense. If you are trying to decide whether to repair your existing unit or go with an AC installation in Snellville, GA, these guidelines will make the decision fairly easy.

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