Retro Style

Let us be honest; Retro Style decorating takes in multiple decades and multiple trends all at once. In short, retro is a word used to encompass themed and trends that are very much influenced by styles that were in vogue in the past.

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Although a lot of eras can be called and considered Retro. It is mainly the 1950's, 60's and 70's. And if we choose to go a little further than that, we have a Vintage look... although both vintage and retro have their crossover moments.

Retro most times is denoted by the lively and vibrant colors. The wild designs and the flair hiding beneath swirling and artistic designs. Retro style is loud, busy and draws attention to itself. It does not find its beauty in discerning like the modern art
or the neo-futuristic art we have nowadays.

But we can still introduce and infuse that loud and vibrant Retro style in our homes even now.

Here are a few elements and household items that can be, well.... Retro-ed

Due to the loudness of the design, Retro Furniture and Sofas will jump at you. Having an abstract feel to themselves, they are broad and long with pillows of different colors to bring vibrancy to it... it is quite a sight.

2. The Retro Colors

Well… the keyword is to be loud. Colors like avocado green, mustard yellow, a mixture of brown, black red and white, all these colors jump at you and tug at your attention. And these colors truly indeed, defined an era.

3. Flooring in the Retro Times

Well, there seem to be three choices you can choose from. It is either you go for the natural wood, the tiles placed in a check board pattern or the shag carpeting... all three are legitimately retro.

You can also opt for Wall Decor and Kitchen tools to keep your home looking like a walk downtime.

There are quality designated shops online for the sales of Retro feel products if you ever feel like bringing the old back.

Having a certain feel in your home is never a bad idea.

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