Is Your Personality More Like A Cat Or A Dog?

Let's see if you bark or meow!

Candice Ward
Created By Candice Ward
On Jul 24, 2018

You are more of a realist than an idealist.

You prefer art to science.

You are more of an optimist than a pessimist.

You've been known to hold grudges.

On a rainy day you would rather go jump in puddles than stay inside and watch a movie.

With you, what you see is what you get!

You're a morning person.

You have a very complex and layered personality.

You're usually the submissive one in a relationship rather than the dominant one.

50% Cat, 50% Dog

50% Cat, 50% Dog

You have half the personality of a cat, and half the personality of a dog! On one hand, you can be very introspective, quiet and contemplative, but you also have a vibrant, sociable and friendly personality. You have a healthy balance of pessimism and optimism. You're realistic about things and you're always cautious, but at the same time you are positive, gracious and enthusiastic about life. You value time alone with yourself, but also love to interact with people. You are the perfect mix of feline and canine!

90% Dog, 10% Cat

90% Dog, 10% Cat

Your personality is 90% dog and only 10% cat! You are bursting with energy, optimism and enthusiasm! You love attention and being in the spotlight, but you also have a caring and nurturing spirit - always cheering people up and helping them when they're down. Although you mostly have a charismatic disposition, when you get stressed or upset you revert inwards and become slightly passive aggressive. You tend to be a flirt most of the time, but if you really like someone you have a mysterious and charming allure that draws them in.

85% Cat, 15% Dog

85% Cat, 15% Dog

Your personality is 85% cat and only 15% dog! You are an introverted person with a lot of emotional depth, creativity and self-awareness. You value your independence and spend a lot of time and energy being spiritual and pondering life's greatest mysteries. You have low tolerance for people who act foolish or ignorant. There are few occasions when you truly open yourself up to people, but when you do, you get very intense, passionate and expressive with them. Although you come off as serious and sophisticated, you have a soft heart and a silly side somewhere inside of you.