4 Quotes By Caesar Rondina

Oscar Shepherd
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On Feb 20, 2019
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4 Quotes By Caesar Rondina

Word without actions, or actions without words, have no meaning.
People sometimes say things and make promises which they have no intention of keeping on a daily basis. You can tell someone you are their well-wisher as many times as you want, but until your behavior coincides with that, the other person will probably not believe you. Some feelings cannot be expressed in mere words; they need actions to speak for them. Words are cheap, anyone can tell someone that they only wish well for them, but they will not feel the sincerity of these emotions until their thoughts are reflected through their actions.
The way people react in different situations is a better determinant of behavior and character than the words through which they try to express themselves. What you do holds much more significance than what you say. Just know that actions should meet verbal commitments, not conflict them.

Life doesn't just happen, we make it happen.
You need to fight for your dreams, despite the difficult circumstances you come across in life and believe in yourself. If you make a small step every day towards your dream one day you will make it happen. You shape your own life – in whatever way you want, by your decisions and choices in life.

No expectations, no disappointments.
Life is a wonderful journey for those who are ready to see it unfold and be prepared to receive the shocks and surprises that it might throw.
Expectations are pretty easy to come by and pervasive in our lives, and some people are conditioned to be driven by them – they keep expecting for their unrealistic ideas to come true that they do not pay heed to the reality, but we must all be realistic. Things don't always turn out the way people thought, planned or wanted them to. And it's alright. So, it's better to avoid having unrealistic expectations which you know might result in disappointments. We need to have a realistic approach – life is not a bed of roses. A lot of times we come across unfavorable situations – in order to face them and rise above them, one must be able to know that that's the reality he/she breathes in. Be positively welcoming – optimistic, sure – but living in reality. 

Every problem has a solution. We may not like the solution, but one is always there.

Yes. Every problem has a solution. In life, we often come across situations which we deem as most difficult to find your way around. Sometimes – the methods of dealing with those situations may not be to our liking, but hey – if that’s how you overcome the difficulty, you go through with it. The only hurdle in reaching the solutions is our own little knowledge. In order to move beyond any issue in life, requires a person to be determined and penetrate through all of the walls standing in the path of your success.

There’s an old saying: "Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can."
It all reliant on your determination – do not use tough times as excuses to slack off. Do not give in – keep moving ahead and pushing away hurdles from your path.

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