It's The World Of Bleach Sorting Quiz!

In this quiz, you will find out which clan you belong in on the World of Bleach site! The four clans that you can join are the Arrancar, the Shinigami, the Quincies and the Fullbringers. Choose wisely, choose carefully and see which clan you will be reincarnated into on World of Bleach! Let us know where you belong!

If you were asked by a human about your true nature, what would you say or do? 

You are walking through a forest on the outskirts of the Soul Society and you see an injured soul reaper about to get killed by a hollow, what do you do?

If you could choose your squad, which would you pick?

How would you describe yourself?

What are your views on protecting humans being part of a soul reaper’s job?

Who would you go to if you had to report a menos that was too high level for you?

If you were to decide the name of your zanpakuto, what would it be called?

What position do you aspire to get in the future?

You find out that a soul reaper has given its power to a human and created a substitute soul reaper. You've been commanded to hunt it down and kill it, but what do you decide to do?

You have the opportunity to reincarnate again and choose a status, which do you pick?

You discover a demi-hollow in the human world and are given the choice of how to deal with it, what do you do?

Your captain has decided to give someone else a promotion to lieutenant instead of you, how do you react?

How would you treat your squad subordinates as a lieutenant or captain?

You’ve found out which squad you’re going to and it is the Relief Squad. What do you do?

If you were just a human, what occupation would you have?

You are one of the Arrancar!

You are one of the Arrancar!

The Arrancar are a race of hollows that have removed their masks and taken a form similar to that of a Shinigami. This clan holds the most mindful souls of the Soul Society, dedicating their existence to research and attaining the highest level of knowledge and power. Though intellectual, the Arrancar are reclusive and complacent, not caring much for the welfare of others or even, sometimes, their own people. On World of Bleach, you'll meet some powerful Arrancar, such as our bold Hakase, Tôma Yamazaki or the mysterious master of puns and buns, Sakura Aoki.

As one of the Arrancar, you have the opportunity to attain the power of Resurreción and also the powers of a full Vasto Lorde Menos! Few are worthy of such powers and you may just be one of them!

You got Fullbringer!

You got Fullbringer!

Fullbringers, the heart of WoB! As a Fullbringer, you hold the unique ability of Fullbring, the power to bend and manipulate the souls residing within the objects and items around you. Fullbringers can go so far as to manipulate the earth, air and water to their advantage, making them way more advanced than the average human! On World of Bleach, you will join famed Fullbringers like the hard headed Gin Okumura and Mr Sisumoyo Hagekawa in your own personal journey as a Fullbringer!

But furthermore... do you plan on becoming even more powerful that the average Fullbringer? With the World of Bleach statuses, you can! Attaining powers such as Fullbring Absorption and attempting to mirror WoB's most powerful Fullbringer, Yue Saito, with the Fullbring Resurrection will mark you as one of the greatest to ever live!

You've become a Shinigami!

You've become a Shinigami!

The most popular clan on site, the Shinigami are the ruthless but dedicated soldiers of the Soul Society. As a Shinigami, you are the strength and courage of the Soul Society, doing your diligent duty to your squad, your captain and the people of the S.S. All Shinigami are given a companion, a Zanpakuto. Like the Arrancar, you will study at the Shino Academy for seven years until finding the name of your Zanpakuto through the traditional method of Jinzen and join the high ranks of established Shinigami and dedicated Guard, Ziva Nakahara or enter Squad 7 with the powerful and deadly Shinigami, Katsumi Fujimori!

If you train hard enough and earn a right to a status, you could be reincarnated again and become one of the Visored, or perhaps you might prefer hard training to advance from Shikai to Bankai. Who knows, maybe you'd even be able to challenge the Deputy Head Captain Ayumu Hasegawa!

You are now a Quincy!

You are now a Quincy!

The cunning, the deadly, the death-obsessed Quincies are where you belong. Their only mission: Hollow extermination. The Quincy clan cares nothing for humans, reapers, Arrancar or otherwise. All they expect is for you to stay out of their way and let them exterminate. Quincies have the extraordinary ability to create spiritual weapons from reishi which commonly become formed physically in the appearance of a bow and arrows. This weapon has the capability to decimate Hollows and other spiritual beings and nobody uses them better than the high ranking Quincies of WoB.

Allow the Quincies of WoB like Kimiko Murasaki and our own Hakase, Maki Hayakawa to teach you how to use your powers and guide you to greater abilities like wielding the Sanrei Glove or even going a step further and breaking limits to use the legendary power of Vollständig.

World of Bleach Sorting Quiz