Communication Technology and Telenetworking

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Communication Technology and Telenetworking

Today there area unit many sorts of networks: native networks, long-distance networks that use phonephone lines, satellite networks that communicate by radio transmission, and network complexes that use a spread of suggests that of transmission. Some networks area unit designed to attach solely the terminals in an exceedingly single building or workplace complex; at the opposite extreme area unit people who connect facilities in numerous countries and regions of the globe. Networks are established to serve the interests of presidency agencies, business companies, academic establishments, and also the general public.

Not solely have networks been chop-chop increasing in range and size; the information measure or "throughput" capability of the individual links of that they're composed has been increasing greatly similarly. Wide-area networks currently usually operate at one.5 megabits (million bits) per second, and lots of local-area networks have transmission rates of ten megabits per second. Systems that use optical fibers because the transmission medium support rates of one hundred megabits and, in an exceedingly few cases, one gigabit (billion bit).

Network enhancements can return from the event of progressively powerful computing devices, several of that area unit particularly designed for network applications, similarly as from enhancements within the ways for transmission info from purpose to purpose and from the event of recent network configurations and new ways in which of linking networks along.

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