How i saved $ 2800 on a domain name ?

I am sure when you are planning to start your blog. It’s a frustrating task to find a good available domain name. Domain name is a pure gold if you found a good one. It can make or break your online reputation.

Sana Khan
Created By Sana Khan
On Apr 3, 2019
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How i saved $ 2800 on a domain name ?

When i started searching domain to start a blog, it became a frustrating task for me as i want to be my company found on the Web and the perfect domain name was not easy task to find. A good domain can be found for free or for a few thousand dollars, or million but don’t pay a fortune for one.

After searching lot i came up with few domain names. They were not available but for sale on different marketplaces from $ 2500 — $ 12000 but as we were the small start up and with less funds we want domain in a range of $ 10 — $ 3000.
Before purchasing a domain one of my friend gave an idea to, try to
found a domain name through a Domainglo

What basically is a domain name generator ?

A domain name generator mixes letter, words and comes up with a new name, suggestion and ideas.

So here we started our search. With many website available on google we started founding domain name and finally we came up with a great domain name through a website related to domain name generator called

We just gave keyword and it came up with many domain names and suggestions. And within 5 minutes we found a great domain name and we hand registered it for just $ 12.

First, trust me, you need a domain name. You might not need it today for a business but in a few years time you’ll want it.

The way people think about websites is changing, and more personal landing page services are popping up — and it takes a matter of minutes to set up. In a few years it may well be common to send a link to your online business. It’s worth future proofing yourself now, rather than gambling on ending up with some godawful domain name because it’s the only one that includes your business name.

Right now you can get a domain name for about $12 a year. That’s ridiculous. The price of a drink or two gets you endless benefits, an awesome email address, and control over your online image. How is that not worth it? 

If you don’t have your own domain name, I urge you, go out and get one. Go to or any other domain name generator tool and find the best and most relevant domain name you can find. You won’t regret it.