Save Money and Ensure Safety with Yellow Rack Load Bars for Trailers

Ashley Syrys
Created by Ashley Syrys
On Apr 30, 2019
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Save Money and Ensure Safety with Yellow Rack Load Bars for Trailers

What is more important – money or safety? This might be one of the toughest questions one has to answer. Though one never wishes to compromise on safety but money often is a constraint. When it comes to personal safety, people often consider their budget and choose the best safety mechanism available. However, when the matter at hand is commercial, like storage spaces, containers for heavy equipment and trailers, it involves more money and many lives are involved.

Thus it is important to choose the best in class equipment which provides you adequate safety and storage space too. Many companies move storage containers and use freight trucks and trailers for the same. It is therefore essential to have good quality load bars for trailers to ensure that the product is safely delivered at its destination.
What Makes Yellow Rack a Popular Choice?
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards are set to ensure that safety precautions are taken when handling heavy equipment such as forklift etc. to load and unload material in loading docks. These need to be strictly followed so that no accident takes place during the loading or unloading task and during transportation. Since space is almost always of crunch, there is forever a need to make maximum utilization of space. The yellow rack has emerged as a popular choice because of the constant efforts of saving time, money and space for its clients. The reason their load bars for trailers are extremely popular include:
1. They are made of rubberized nylon polymer which is reinforced with steel to provide extreme flexibility and additional strength. This ensures that not only can you adjust the cargo, but also keep it safe. All your stuff is strapped out of the way making space for maneuvering stuff and keeping more material in the limited amount of space.

2. The bars are of bright yellow color which is visible from a distance, thereby preventing any sort of mishap from occurring. More often than not, people use heavy steel bars for not just loading and unloading but also for stopping the trailer or container gates. However, there is a chance of them hurting people as many times they are not visible to people. These bars have been designed as per the OSHA guidelines.

3. Since load bars for trailers are a huge expense, many small trucking companies cannot afford to go for this expense a number of times. Having a sturdy piece of equipment can reduce the cost drastically, especially if it can tolerate repetitious bending and lifting. It also helps keep load bars off the dock, thus reducing the number of injuries and subsequent claims.
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