Blueprint For The Perfect Health

Doing what you enjoy manages stress levels and keeps your hormones balanced.

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Many people find it difficult to achieve their ultimate health goals. The reason behind it is inconsistency and most of the time, following the wrong kind of diet and exercise. Everyone has a different body, different metabolism and different energy levels. No two people are the same. This is why one type of diet or exercise works perfect on one person, while the other person finds it difficult to see any change in his/her body at all. Thus, every person has a different “blueprint” for perfect health. You can get plenty of information on how to achieve perfect health from health books and health magazines.

Any blueprint for perfect health cannot help you achieve your health and fitness goals unless you follow the most important thing, which is a routine. People who are healthy, have a great metabolism and a good weight have one thing in common - they have a routine. Whether it is their diet, exercise or day to day tasks, they are pretty consistent with everything they do in their lives.

If you start building up your routine and work according to it each day, that routine can eventually become your blueprint for perfect health. Here are some of the health tips that will guide you in how to lose weight, that you can make part of your routine.

  • Instead of starving in order to lose weight, opt for healthy eating. Healthy diet and nutritious food can not only help you in losing weight but increasing your muscle strength and stamina as well.
  • Forget about any special diet or weight losing programs. When you go on a special diet, you think about all the foods you can't have and then you crave them, deciding that when the diet is over, you can have them again. This results in bouncing back of all the weight that you lost. If you are craving chocolate, then make a healthier choice such as low fat or dark chocolate.
  • Keep moving in order to stay fit. Even if you are not doing extreme workout. It may be a slow process but frequent movement of the body not only helps you in losing weight but improving overall health as well. So clean the house, walk the dog, do the gardening, take stairs instead of the lift.

  • There is a misconception that avoiding all kinds of fat will result in losing weight. It will lose your weight but it’ll be temporary and will deprive your body of certain essential nutrients. Remember, not all kinds of fat but saturated fat is your worst enemy. Avocados, chia seeds, coconut oil, hemp hearts, nuts and seeds, olives and olive oil can be your new best friends for healthy fats.
  • In addition to healthy eating and workout, having a good sleep schedule is also important to achieve your health and fitness goals. Sleep balances your hormones and cortisol levels and repairs and restores your muscles from exercising.
  • Your brain controls your whole body so it’s necessary to keep this little guy happy in order to enjoy perfect health. Find something you enjoy and do it. It can be anything like reading a book, painting, gardening, writing, cooking, walking the dog. Doing what you enjoy manages stress levels and keeps your hormones balanced.
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