Dr. Maria Luong Discusses 5 Startups Transforming the Future of Dentistry

Lauren Daniels
Created by Lauren Daniels
On Aug 22, 2019
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Dentistry is rapidly changing and evolving. Gone are the days of mercury-filled tooth fillings and loud drills cutting away at teeth. Today's dentists use everything from artificial intelligence to 3D technology to help their patients achieve that spectacular smile. If you're interested in what the future of dentistry holds, Dr. Maria Luong of Serenity Dentistry Spa discusses five up-and-coming dental startups:
Dentistry.ai is bringing artificial intelligence to the fight against tooth caries. Currently available to dental professionals, Dentistry.ai will allow X-ray technologists and dentists to detect dental caries long before the human eye can observe them. Dentistry.ai is fully HIPAA compliant system and is available to dental professionals interested in becoming part of the initial clinical trials (dentistry.ai).

Structo 3D
Structo 3D designs and builds 3D printers specifically for the dental field. Their 3D dental printers are compatible with existing dental software, making them easy for dentists to integrate into their practices. The Structo 3D printers are designed to allow dentists to quickly print appliances like implants, crowns, bridges, denture bases, teeth aligners, surgical guides, orthodontic models, and temporary teeth. Little downtime is needed for maintenance and cleaning. These dental 3D printers are a powerful tool for dental professionals wanting to increase their annual revenues efficiently and giving better care to their patients (structo3d.com).
ArchForm provides software to help dentists design and print dental aligners in their office. Using machine-learning technology, ArchForm helps dental professionals create custom teeth alignment devices for their patients. Dentists can segment teeth, trim the alignment models as needed, and use intuitive technology to ensure accurate alignment of their patients' teeth (archform.co).
SelenBio has created a product called DenteShield™ to help dentists prevent tooth caries by killing bacteria. Their product works as a shield to stop the spread of tooth caries and prevent gum inflammation. Also, SelenBio creates dental solutions for veterinarians who want to help keep their furry patients' teeth healthy and free of tooth-cariesing bacteria (selenbio.com).

Overjet is combining artificial intelligence and mobile technology to build an "Uber for dentists." Using AI and on-demand dentists/dental hygienists, Overjet brings dental professionals to your place of business to conduct routine dental appointments. No more waiting in a dentist's office hearing the sound of dental drills in the background. With Overjet at your disposal, tooth maintenance can be as simple as scheduling a break from your daily workload (overjet.io).
These five dental startups are just a few of the intriguing companies transforming the future of dentistry. Check out each one for yourself if you want a sneak peek at the future advancements of dentistry.