A Cloud IVR Solution and Its Benefits

If you have a call centre, then you would know the need to maintain a tricky balance. On one end, you have to make sure that your team is servicing a maximum number of customers in the most efficient & cost-effective manner. While on the other, you need to deliver exceptional customer service in order to gain customer satisfaction and increase your business revenue.

In today's time, most call centres are able to maintain this tricky balance and achieve success by including an automated self-service technology known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to their call centres. IVR solution provides a higher level of customer interactivity and data-driven decision-making to the call centres. It enables them to deploy a wide range of automated self-service and outbound dialling features which ultimately frees up agents to focus on more complex requests and customers that require a higher touch.

Avinash Mittal
Created by Avinash Mittal
On Sep 27, 2019
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What is Cloud IVR?

The term Cloud IVR implies the availability of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) as a Service platforms & functionality, which benefits by using the cloud-based technologies. Cloud IVR solution is offered through a consumption-based model, and it provides an always-on, modern IVR platform; this provides businesses with the opportunity to enhance their customer journey as well as optimize the overall agent interactions. 


The benefits that an IVR solution provides are:

Ø Lower Cost per Call- it reduces the agent call volume, manpower costs and overall cost per call by automating all the inbound & outbound transactions, and the processes.

Ø Enhances Agent Performance and Business Efficiencies- It connects the right skilled agents with the right calls by leveraging the advanced data-driven routing and CRM integrations for improving the productivity of agent and the overall business efficiency.

Ø Increase Customer Satisfaction & Customer Service Efficiency- It allows customers to speak to the right department in an easy and efficient manner and quickly get the answer to their queries.

Ø Increase First Contact Resolution- It increases the first contact resolution by automatically directing the callers to the agent who's most capable of meeting their requirements.

Ø Increase Professionalism- You can pre-record your greetings & messages using a cloud IVR solution to reflect professionalism, consistency and give a great first impression.

Ø Save Time- It reduces the time spent in collecting the information of the caller and transferring the call to the right agent.

Ø 24×7 Customer Service- it provides automated support and eliminates the need to have live agents 24*7.