The Sand Proof Beach Towel is a Must for Beach Trips

Few people would avoid the beach in summer time. We don’t assume you’re one of them… Summer is a time to enjoy the waters. It’s not something you can do in winter, where wearing less than a sweater is asking for a cold. But – when enjoying the waters, you need to pack well. You’ve got to bring some items along. And one we recommend is a sand proof beach towel.

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On Jul 30, 2018
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Haven’t Heard of it Before…
No worries. It’s not a well-known item on the market. But it’s one that’ll be popular quite soon…

A sand proof beach towel is a microfiber towel.

It’s synthetically designed for excellent absorption and quality. It’s the towel you need for your next beach visit.

Why you ask? Well, it’s because they’re made of microfibers.

How Microfibers Work.
Microfibers are small follicles, less than a hair in a width.

They add a ton of surface area to the fabrics they’re used in. And in a towel, more surface areas means better absorption.

A microfiber towel can absorb water well. It’ll dry you in an instant, without effort on your part.

Also, microfibers are soft and lightweight. They’re compact, and you can carry them around effortlessly.

And the best part? Microfiber beach towels are sand proof.

The hair follicles are too small to trap sand and dirt. And so they’re cleaner to use than the average towel.

Sand Protection.
On a windy day, a sand proof towel matters. It protects your body from dirt, without compromising the cleanliness of the towel.

And it’s also good for accidents, in case you drop the towel in sand.

A sand proof item is necessary on a beach trip. And it’s not something you can do without!

Other Applications of Microfibers.
Microfibers are so effective, they’re used in the cleaning industry.

Microfibers are used as “top quality” fabrics for cleaning mops. And that’s because they absorb moisture and water so well.

So if microfibers are used by professionals, then why not used it in your daily life?

Don’t Forget Beauty.
Beach towels are partly fashion items.

Remember, you’re wearing that beach towel out in public. So it has to be designed well.

Your towel has to look good. It has to match your swimwear, and skin complexion.

So, just because you’re buying a practical item, doesn’t mean you should avoid a beautiful beach towel.

When buying a practical and fashionable towel, you need a quality designer. You need a store that provides good collections for you to choose from.

The more, the better.

Try Go Breezie.
Go Breezie is a store that sells microfiber beach towel that is sand-free, quick dry and super absorbent.

They have a diverse and beautiful collection, suitable for a fashion-savvy individual.

Be sure to visit their website, and get your towel now!