5 Signs That Your JCB Parts Need Replacement

JCB machines are designed to perform a strenuous job that put excessive stress on the engine components and the attached accessories. Though regular maintenance like oiling and greasing can reduce the friction and stress to some extent, the wear and tear make the parts weak and at one point these parts fail and bring the JCB machine to a grinding halt.

According to JCB spare parts suppliers, there are several indications that give an idea of failing components. Here are five signs that indicate your JCB parts need replacement.

1. Fluid Leaks

Nothing should be leaking from your JCB or the accessories attached it. If you notice fluid leaks it’s an indication of some problem and one or more JCB parts are near failure. For example, the gaskets could have worn out or the bolts that keep the components joined have fallen off.

If you see a puddle of oil or any engine fluid when your JCB is stationed at one place, you should act wisely and inspect the JCB and look for worn out parts or breakages that are causing fluid leaks. Some common fluid leaks are coolant and engine oil. However, the fluids in the power steering system, brakes, or differential might also leak.

2. Strange Smells

Just like leaking fluids, strange smells also indicate some problem with JCB that requires part replacement. For example, a smell like a maple syrup could indicate some problem with the cooling system. A burning smell could be an indicator or worn out clutch pads that need immediate replacement.

3. Odd Vibrations

Since JCB are designed to perform strenuous tasks like breaking rocks or concrete, vibrations are part of daily tasks. However, a person who operates JCB on a daily basis would quickly identify any odd vibrations that are not related to the normal working of the JCB.

For example, a vibrating brake pedal could be an indicator of worn out brake pads that need replacement. If the gas pedal of JCB is shaking, it could be an indicator of exhaust leak or some failing part in the exhaust system. If the steering system is not responsive enough or vibrating, it could be due to some failing component in the steering system that needs to be replaced immediately.

4. Weird Noises

If you are using JCB regularly, you would quickly notice any weird noise coming out of your JCB. There are several issues that can cause noise while operating JCB. For example, if you hear a sound when brakes are applied, the reason could be worn out brake pads. If you hear a weird sound from the transmission chamber, the reason could be a low level of transmission fluid or one of the components of the transmission system is failing. In that case, you need to consider replacing the failing part to prevent JCB coming to a halt due to some problem.

5. Increase in Exhaust Smoke

Just like a car, JCB also emits smoke. A person who operates JCB on a daily basis can identify an increase in exhaust smoke. There should be some reason for such a thing to happen. Some of the reasons could be the JCB is burning too much fuel and that could be due to some problem in the engine.

You cannot ignore the possibility of a failing engine component that needs immediate replacement. A blue smoke could be an indicator of a failing component in the combustion system while white smoke could be an indicator of a failing component in the cooling system.

Timely parts replacement not only saves time but it also saves other parts from excessive wear and tear. A failing part puts stress on other components causing them to fail early. You need to look for the signs given above and investigate to find the failing part that needs to be replaced.