QUIZ: How well do you remember the 2018 World Cup?

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On Jul 6, 2019
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QUIZ: How well do you remember the 2018 World Cup?

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Russia won 5-0 in the opening game of the tournament. Who were their opponents?

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Against which team did Lionel Messi score his only goal of the tournament?

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Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick as Portugal drew 3-3 with Spain. Diego Costa and who else got on the scoresheet for Spain?

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Who scored the only goal as Mexico beat reigning champions Germany in their opening game?

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Who scored the first ever World Cup penalty awarded using VAR?

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Which memorable moment did Iran's Milad Mohammadi produce in a group game against Spain?

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Which Colombian received the first red card of the tournament?

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Which of these teams were *not* making their World Cup debut in Russia?

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Which country eliminated Germany in their final group stage game?

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This distinctive stand was part of a stadium in which host city?

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With six goals, who won the Golden Boot?

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England finally won a World Cup penalty shoot-out in their last 16 meeting with Colombia. Whose penalty did Jordan Pickford save?

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Which Frenchman scored Goal of the Tournament?

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Neymar was unable to inspire a disappointing Brazil team during the tournament. Who were they eliminated by?

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What was the name given to the official adidas ball used at the tournament?

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Who missed Spain's final penalty in their last 16 shoot-out defeat to Russia?

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Croatia reached their first ever World Cup final. How many knock-out games did they win in normal time?

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Whose stoppage time goal completed a memorable comeback for Belgium against Japan in the last 16 stage?

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Which Croatian player scored for both sides in the final?

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Who was named player of the tournament?

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