How to Search for People on Facebook

Learn how to find people on facebook with a name or phone number.

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Best Techniques For Searching People on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social media websites on the market for locating people today and carrying out a web based social background check on individuals. It will not only enable you to communicate with the people you might have lost a connection with years back. But its also a extremely effective tool for more significant researches like potential employee investigation, renter screening, a possible future spouse, and more. Because of the way individuals essentially present their everyday life on social media an effective investigation can give you a pretty good idea of exactly what the person is all about. At least on facebook as well as other social websites.

Facebook used to help make searching for individuals extremely simple having a facebook people finder tool. There's no this kind of tool available anymore at least it doesn't work even though the page continues to be up. Your choices is to use a third party tool that searches and scrapes people facebook account information and offers an easy to use instant search database. Try and do a scan and see if you can find any information from the social media or from public records.

Having said all that. There is one resource that's likely to supply you with the closest results after facebooks own people database. This resource is Google. That's right you heard me right. Good old google search is still the net data scrape master by a long shot. You just need to discover how to use it. So that is what were going to converse about on this facebook research tutorial.

As elementary as that search bar seems. Dont let it trick you. It's just about the most robust information gathering tool in existence with flash. However, you need to get a lot more targeted when setting up your search by using things known as "google search operators".

The search operator we will make use of for our facebook people finder is what this does is enhance the search to only present results for particularly. Wrap quotes around each one group of key phrases along with a + right after (view illustrations beneath and try with and devoid of quotes).

Let's add the person's first and last name + "John Smith"

Now let's add the individuals location + "John Smith" "Seattle"

Now let's include a high school or anything else that may make the search more appropriate for example place of work / college. + "John Smith" "Seattle" "high school"

Let's say you only have a phone number or a first name plus some random information such as the school the person attended. The approach is similar and can be scaled once you understand how to use search operators more effectively.

Telephone number setup can be + 312-951-1276

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