5 Things You Need to know Before Choosing Piano Classes in NYC

Kenji Haba
Created By Kenji Haba
On Aug 23, 2018
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5 Things You Need to know Before Choosing Piano Classes in NYC

It can be a tough decision trying to pick a teacher for a piano classes in NYC. What is it that you need to look for? Probably, you have never played a piano in your entire life or you may have but are still not a pro. Here is a guide for choosing the right teacher for piano lessons in Brooklyn.

Not all teachers are suitable

Some teachers are not suited for teaching some ages. This is definitely a key factor when searching for a piano teacher. A common misconception that people have is that anybody who can play the piano can adapt their method to teach a child. It is worth noting that students of different age will require different knowledge and skills that will help them learn better and quicker. For instance, you cannot teach a 70 year old in the same way you would teach a 6 year old kid. This variance is also true for the different ages groups from 3.5 to 7-10 year old.

In order to find out whether the teacher is suitable for a particular age level, you can ask them about the experience they have with the different ages. Have they taught kids, high school students, or even adults? In case the teacher in a piano school of NYC has a wide range of experience with the different ages, the person will be the most suitable for you.

Different piano teachers use different styles

The styles of playing the piano are usually very specific, and will usually break down into some kind of hierarchy. For instance the classical music is a completely different category. If you want a classical teacher, you will need to ensure they have the required experience in the classical music. If you opt for a teacher who has studied classical music for a few years, you can be assured that such a teacher has would have decent experience in teaching piano lessons in Brooklyn. There are certain details and nuances that only come with experience. Classical music doesn’t have a lot of musical theory that is involved in the learning s well as playing of the music. As long as someone is able to read the notes, they are able to work on playing the classical music. The teacher is only there to guide and lead a student. so it’s better to pick someone who can play other tunes too.

Jazz, on the other hand, is an opposite of classical music. This requires an entirely new music language. There is need for theory in jazz. You will be taught some new concepts each week. A good jazz teacher should be in a position to explain what will be happening in the jazz standards, and they should be able to teach you everything that you needed to know on playing the music. In case a teacher isn’t doing this, then it means they don’t have this information themselves. In case you are interested in the other styles such as funk, blues or rock, there is one rule; if the teacher has enough experience in jazz, then it should not be a problem for them to teach these other styles as well.