21 Breathtaking Pictures of IDF History

Tradition calls for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, to be a sweet one. As a special treat, we went through the IDF’s historical archives, and brought you these 21 exclusive and breathtaking pictures that will take you back decades. Enjoy!

Israel Defense Forces
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These IDF paratroopers rest just after the battle in Jerusalem during the Six Day War, 1967.


These young Haganah members, the Jewish defence force before Israel’s independence, guard a Kibbutz, 1948.


This convoy heads for Jerusalem to break the Jordanian siege on the city, 1948.


One of the IDF’s first Druze soldier guards a vital generator during the War of Independence, 1949.


An IDF Bedouin soldier dressed with the traditional ‘keffiyeh’ during the War of Independence, 1949.


Droroa Harehuveni, a young Haganah dispatcher, rides her motorcycle, 1948.


Item titA clandestine Hagana Unit sends a secret transmission from a Tel Aviv apartment, 1948.


An IDF soldier comes back from a long patrol on the Egyptian Border just days before the start of the Six Day War.


IDF female officers enjoy a soda and a short break in the Negev, a week before the start of the Six Day War.


A young officer in the Transmission Corps makes a call in the Negev, 1967.


A soldier plays with his dog just before the Six Day War began, 1967.


Paratroopers enjoy a fresh shower in the field near Eilat, June 1967.


The defenders of Kibbutz Negba rest after resisting the Egyptian Army during the War of Independence, 1948.


IDF soldiers storm a fortified position in the Galilee during the War of Independence.


An Air Force helicopter carries IDF troops back to Israel after a successful raid on an Egyptian position during the War of Attrition, 1970.


Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Moshe Dayan stands with future Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen Raful Eitan and future Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon.


Soldiers of the IDF’s 8th Armored Brigade during the War of Independence,1948.


Like many other aircrews that had fought in the skies of Europe during WW2, this B-17 Superfortress pilot volunteered to join the IDF and fight for Israel during the War of Independence.


French volunteers in the IDF during the War of Independence. These men fought in the Free French Forces and in the Résistance, or had been deported to Concentration Camps during World War 2, but nevertheless they chose to fight for freedom once again.


This female instructor shows her recruits the correct form for shooting their guns, 1948.


American Secretary of State, Allan Dulles, is received by an IDF guard of honor on his visit to Israel, May 1953.

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