13 Times Hyde And Jackie Were That 70s Show Relationship Goals

She may have been with Kelso first, but Hyde was the real match for Jackie in That 70s Show.

Isabella Glenn
Created by Isabella Glenn
On Mar 2, 2017
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Before they were even dating:

Even when smoking, they were adorable.

Well that's one way to shut her up.

She knows, she just totally wants to hear it.

This is how Hyde shows his affection:

The tiniest signs of affection were the cutest.

Like just how often Jackie was perched in his lap.

That time Jackie made a hell of a Sandy to Hyde's Danny.

This somehow becomes synonymous with "I love you."

In sync couple = excellent high fives.

The "look" that all couples just know to do.

"Because you lov-"

She makes him so much softer and less grumpy.

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