Shakespeare plays and Hollywood movies collide

Can you identify which Shakespeare play these popular movies used as inspiration?

On Feb 18, 2018
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Ran -
Japanese warlord Hidetori Ichimonji decides the time has come to retire and divide his fiefdom among his three sons. His eldest and middle sons - Taro and Jiro - agree with his decision and promise to support him for his remaining days. The youngest son Saburo disagrees with all of them arguing that there is little likelihood the three brothers will remain united. Insulted by his son's brashness, the warlord banishes Saburo.

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West Side Story -
A story about two warring New York City gangs whose hatred escalates to a point where neither can coexist with any form of understanding. But when Riff's best friend (and former Jet) Tony and Bernardo's younger sister Maria meet at a dance, no one can do anything to stop their love.

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My Own Private Idaho -
Mike Waters lives on the street and befriends the somewhat older and streetwise Scott Favor who shows him what is necessary to survive. Waters suffers from narcolepsy and can fall asleep at any moment and in almost any circumstance. Favor comes from a rich family and is rebelling against his own background.

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O -
Odin James is the black star of the basketball team at an otherwise white boarding school. He is headed for big time with his sport and is in love with Desi, the most popular girl in school. Meanwhile, Hugo is the coach's son, but he is outshone on court by Odin, and his father says he thinks of Odin as a son as well. Hugo's feelings of envy and neglect lead him to construct a plot to make Odin doubt Desi's love for him.

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She's the Man -
A movie about a girl who poses as her brother at his new school so she can play on the soccer team.

6 / 10

Lion King -
A young lion prince is cast out of his pride by his cruel uncle, who claims he killed his father. While the uncle rules with an iron paw, the prince grows up beyond the Savannah, living by a philosophy: No worries for the rest of your days.

7 / 10

Forbidden Planet -
When Adams and his crew are sent to investigate the silence from a planet inhabited by scientists, he finds all but two have died. Dr. Morbius and his daughter Altaira have somehow survived a hideous monster which roams the planet.

8 / 10

Lion King 2 -
The daughter of the king meets a lion from a pride of outsiders and they fall in love, a love forbidden by her father.

9 / 10

10 Things I Hate About You -
New kid Cameron James is head over heels for popular sophomore Bianca Stratford, but Bianca's overprotective father forbids her to date Cameron unless Bianca's older ill-tempered, rebellious sister Kat dates. But Joey Donner wants Bianca, so he uses sullen senior Patrick Verona to attempt to win Kat's heart.

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The Throne of Blood -
After a victorious battle, two generals, Washizu and Miki, are confronted by a spirit who predicts their futures. Washizu will be promoted and will ultimately be leader of the realm. Miki will also be promoted and his son will eventually be leader of the realm. Both immediately dismiss these utterances but once they are promoted, they start to believe them.

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