What Kind Of Parent Will You Become?

Take this quiz and we will tell you!

Inna Eizenberg
Created by Inna Eizenberg
On Nov 4, 2019
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Are R rated movies OK for kids?

Your kid expresses an interest in science. What will you do about this?

How do you feel about kids playing sports?

How many children do you plan to have?

Your ten-year-old wants to wear makeup. How do you feel about this?

Is a thirteen-year-old too young for an unsupervised date?

What would be something you'd never let your kids out of the house wearing?

Your fifteen-year-old says that they'd like to join the military someday. How does this make you feel?

Will you let your kids play video games?

Would you discipline your kids in front of people?

What will be your go-to punishment?

When your child will ask, "why not," what will be your response?

What will be your kid's bed time?

How much TV will your kid watch at night?

How will you make sure your child's friends are to your liking?

Your child's room is in a terrible state. What are you going to do about it?

Progressive Parent

Progressive Parent

You believe the best way for kids to grow is to let them discover the world on their own. Children, you feel, should learn by experience. And their growth should be natural, not forced and definitely not by hardcore discipline.

Hipster Parent

Hipster Parent

You will love your kids and care about them deeply. But let's face it, you also care about what the world thinks about you, and your parenting skills will reflect that. Your need to be one of the cool kids can impact every aspect of your parenting.

Strict Parent

Strict Parent

Discipline is important to you. So are manners and respect and public behavior. That's why you will drill all of these things into your kids' head. Because in the end, all that drilling paid off for you, right?

Helicopter Parent

Helicopter Parent

You won't let your kids out of your sight and it will probably drive them crazy. They will know you mean well, but the chains might sometimes get a little excessive and embarrassing in front of their friends.