The Ultimate Halloween Party 'Would You Rather' Poll

The masked, cloaked and painted version of Would You Rather is here! Choose between some awesome Halloween costumes and see how popular your choices are!

Inna Eizenberg
Created by Inna Eizenberg
On Oct 10, 2019
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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood female characters

Sharon Tate
Catherine Share
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Kill Bill female characters

Gogo Yubari
The Bride
Elle Driver
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Male Rock Legends

Freddy Mercury
David Bowie
Kurt Cobain
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Female Euphoria characters

Rue Bennett
Jules Vaughn
Maddy Perez
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Politician power couples

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip
Donald and Melania Trump
JFK and Jackie
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Male Riverdale characters

Archie Andrews
Jughead Jones
FP Jones
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Male Marvel Characters

Iron Man
Captain America
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Female Pop Stars

Taylor Swift
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Conspirative big-screen couples

K and J
Mulder and Scully
Neo and Trinity
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Female historical rulers

Anne Boleyn
Marie Antoinette
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Fred and George Weasley
Double Michele Tanner
The Grady twins
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Disney characters

Anna and Elsa
Beauty and the Beast
Mickey and Minnie
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Legendary Male Movie Characters

Edward Scissorhands
Forest Gump
Jack Sparrow
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Memorable uniforms

Star Trek
Money Heist
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Mythological creatures

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