Find Out: Will You Get The Job?

How did you really do on that interview? Find out!

Inna Eizenberg
Created by Inna Eizenberg
On Aug 16, 2019
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So what are you going to wear to your job interview?

What time will you arrive there?

How firmly will you be shaking the recruiting manager's hand?

How nervous do you think you're going to be?

When the recruiting manager asks you to tell them about yourself, your first line will be something like:

When the interviewer asks you why you think you are the right person for the job, you will:

Then they are going to ask about work experience. You:

When the interviewer asks why you are even looking for a new job, you:

"Where do you see yourself in five years?" They will ask.
You will reply:

When they ask what your greatest strength is, you will say:

What will you say to the interviewer as you leave the room?

How soon after the interview will you follow up and how?

You are going to ace it!

You are going to ace it!

Your confidence and ability to think quickly on your feet will really impress the hiring manager, and you might be offered a job on the spot! In fact, you will be such an impressive candidate that the manager will feel nervous you’re going for their job! Try not to let it go to your head, though.

You're not quite there yet

You're not quite there yet

Well, that interview has the potential of being quite the train wreck. A likely scenario will be that you won't even want to work for this boring person who will be asking you boring questions, or that the hiring manager will have you escorted from the building halfway though the interview. But try not to let it get you down! Have you considered professional interview coaching?