Are You A True Nerd?

It's time to find out. Just answer YES or No under the statements below and the truth shall be revealed!

Inna Eizenberg
Created by Inna Eizenberg
On Jul 31, 2019
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You have a blog.

You can go on for days without seeing daylight.

You own a chemistry set or telescope.

You have a comic book collection.

You think that spending money on clothes is a waste.

You prefer reading science fiction or fantasy.

You've edited Wikipedia before.

You've re-watched
"Battlestar Galactica".

Your favorite sport is Chess.

You hope you'll have robot friends in the future.

Do you ever restrain yourself from smiling/laughing/acting in some way natural to you,
because you'll be mocked?

Do you appreciate and enjoy art?

Do you wear any clothing that makes reference to some aspect of popular culture?

Math was your
favorite subject in school.

Do you consider yourself a nerd?

Would you wait in line outside the book store from midnight till morning to buy a new
Harry Potter book
which you couldn't pre-order?

The very thought of sex
drives a surge of anxiety
through your body.

You write code for fun.

No Nerd or Hipster Nerd

No Nerd or Hipster Nerd

You might be a geek at best, but you are no nerd! Listen, listening to Indie music does not count for being an outsider. Actually, it's pretty mainstream... We are certain that you have other outstanding qualities, but you're not a part of the nerd community just yet. See you when you get there!



You're a nerdy person but you still maintain a mainstream life outside of your own head. It gets hard sometimes to make IRL connections but you manage. You do exist within the fabric of society but every now and then you step out of the matrix. Good job on the balance issue! It seems like being you is nerd-y-sh, fun and sane.

Conflicted Nerd

Conflicted Nerd

You are somewhat mainstream: you have friends, you probably have an office job, make a fairly decent wage and you even have a significant other! But you are beginning to dive deeper into the world of fantasy, code and gaming. Be careful, if you chose the total nerd life, you could lose it all! Or, the way we see it, win it all.

Super Nerd

Super Nerd

Congratulations! There's no doubt that your IQ exceeds your weight! Even if you have no idea how to communicate IRL, you could disassemble and reassemble your PC in less than an hour and the finest comics collection award is rightfully yours! You are a full blown nerd and nothing can be cooler. Live long and prosper!

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