InfraZone - Bringing Engineers Together

InfraZone provides a platform for engineers to come together as a community and share ideas, innovations with the like-minded people. It is the first ever app which is by the engineers, for the engineers.

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On Apr 1, 2019
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Online Social Engineering Community

Infrazone brings Engineering community of the world together at one place.

Build Connections

It is a great source where one can build connections with experts in the engineering field. It has vast social engineering community, which comprises of Professionals, engineering students, service providers, technicians. Build powerful connections with the experts in the field.

Share Ideas

Share your ideas and innovations with the professionals. Ask questions, teach new techniques and learn about new engineering inventions around the world. Help in building the right environment to learn and to grow. Sharing ideas make those ideas come to life.

Get Updated

At Infrazone, you are provided with the latest engineering news. Get to know about discoveries, inventions in the field of engineering around the globe. It backs you up with the latest industrial trends.

Supports Multimedia

It offers you to share your research, innovations, and new ideas through text, post, images, and videos. It is easier for students and experts engineers to understand better through multimedia and you can prove your point through various images and videos.

Get in Touch With Entrepreneurs

Engineers can get in touch with entrepreneurs, share their business ideas, and make new business partners. It is a great way to meet pioneers in the engineering discussion field and share your business beliefs.

Build an Audience

Build an audience by providing quality content. Quality always surpasses quantity. It is great way to build social engineering platform. Share facts, knowledge, inventions with your audience. Explore new products and give insight to your audience about the same.

Get in Touch Through Instant Message

It is a social platform for the engineering community, here not only you can share posts, images but you can connect with others through instant message as well. Help other engineers to solve day to day engineering problems.

Get Motivated

Get inspired by the innovations and expert engineers and help to make a difference in society through your unique and innovative ideas.

Infrazone is a unique platform which brings the engineering community of the world. You can meet engineering students, researchers, professionals, technicians, all at one place where you can share your ideas and get to know about all the latest happenings in the engineering world.

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