Dr. Veena Bhat The Changing Tides in Gynecologic Surgery With Minimally Invasive Options

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During the past 20 years gynecologic surgical operation has advanced from primarily abdominal approach to the current focus on minimally invasive surgical techniques. Minimally invasive procedures include of vaginal and laparoscopic techniques. Evolution in laparoscopic technology and equipment has exploded to include more than one vessel sealing instrument of various modalities, instruments with “wristed” capabilities and robotic assisted technology. Single port laparoscopy and natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgical operation are other variations of laparoscopic technology.

Advantage of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery in India

The advantage of laparoscopic surgery is that the smaller incisions minimize post-operative pain and speed up recovery time. A laparoscope provides 3 times magnification and hence a better visual field of the surgery to the doctors. This procedure has been adopted successfully in performing almost all gynaecological surgeries.

Conditions and treatments
Medical treatments and minimal access to treat gynaecological conditions such as:

  • Fibroids: Treatments include removing fibroids via keyhole surgery or open surgery, uterine artery embolisation (UAE) to cut blood supply to fibroids and keyhole hysterectomy (removal of the uterus)
  • Endometriosis: treatments include contraceptives such as the Mirena intrauterine device (IUS), synthetic hormones, ablation or excision of endometriosis thru keyhole surgical procedure and keyhole hysterectomy
  • Ovarian cysts: Ovarian cysts are typically dealt with the keyhole surgical treatment, which include for massive tumours
  • Menorrhagia (abnormally heavy menstrual bleeding): treatments consist of Mirena IUS and surgical treatment, which include endometrial ablation and resection
  • Pelvic pain: Medical management including liaison with other services and surgical interventions as appropriate.

Why Prefer Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery in India

India is one of the best destinations for the medical treatment across the world. Because the most competitive charges for gynecology treatment, India is a totally lucrative location for those who need to undergo treatments, which do not need immediate treatment. There are number of top hospitals in India which offers highest-level of care for women with gynecological disorders. Hospitals here have facilities for early detection and prevention of the gynecological issues. The surgeons here are greatly inclined towards the usage of minimally invasive strategies (which include laparoscopy) and world class equipment. Gynaecology surgical operation in India efficaciously treats almost all of the conditions associated with the reproductive system and the cost invested is also very less.

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