How Imaginative Are You?

Find out if you are a visual thinker, one who observes with their eyes and sees with their imagination.
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On Dec 10, 2015

Where is this man headed?

What does this picture represent?

Is this dog thinking about a female friend or is he wondering why he is different and thinking about himself?

Is this man inside or outside?

What is the black rectangle in this image hiding?

How many faces do you see in this image?

Is this an image of a portrait or landscape?

What did you see first? The road or the eye.

Has this ghostly character come through the wall or the door?

Is this character swimming upstream or downstream?

Imagination Junkie

Imagination Junkie

You are a visual person who loves the challenge of exploring ideas through pictures. You are able to see multiple interpretations in images and often determine whether an article is worth reading by the pictures that correspond with the story.

You love seeing beautiful artwork and photography everywhere and tend to learn more when images are part of a story.

Pictures speak to you, you look for them when searching for meaning, they delight you because you love using your imagination. You easily go off into day dreams.

Visual Expert

Visual Expert

You are a visual thinker. You tend to make meaning from your environment based on what you see; that includes tiny flinches on peoples faces which makes you very intuitive.

You are not easily tricked when it comes to seeing. You form your understanding of “what is” by what you observe, and “what could be” by using your imagination. It’s the perfect combination.

You therefore have strong imagination skills because you can see many possibilities in a given image or situation and you usually choose the right decision because you are able to think things through. You are flexible because of your imagination.

You thrive with visuals, photography, pictures, movies, all of which you seek out, this is how you interpret your world.