World news quiz 2016

Test your knowledge on this year's world events

Iain Lynn
Created by Iain Lynn
On Dec 23, 2016
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The outbreak of which virus in Brazil in April almost derailed the Rio Olympics?

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The death of which king in October made Queen Elizabeth II the world's longest reigning monarch?

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The release of which mobile phone game in July prompted hundreds of incidents to be reported to police worldwide, including a mass brawl, road accidents and children playing on railways?

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What was the name of the gorilla shot at Cincinnati Zoo in the US in May after a three-year-old boy got into his enclosure?

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Which country experienced an attempted military coup in July, which started with jets flying over the capital and tanks rolling onto bridges?

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Which cartoon series predicted Donald Trump's November election victory 16 years ago?

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In July, Nasa's Juno spacecraft entered the orbit of which planet?

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Where did astronaut Tim Peake land in July after six months in space?

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A member of which country's royal family went on trial in January?

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Where did Bill English become prime minister in December?

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