How Empathetic Are You?

Researchers at the University of Cambridge created a questionnaire to determine how empathetic you are.

Take our shortened version of the test and find out!

Created by indy100
On Apr 13, 2016

I prefer animals to humans.

You go out for drinks with work colleagues and there's a new person there. You...

Your friends are always coming to you for advice

You are in a debate with a friend. Can you see the argument from their point of view?

I hate being late.

You are trying to decide where to go for a holiday...

What happens to your painful memories?

When you talk to a friend does the conversation tend to veer towards...

There is only right or wrong. Do you agree with this statement?

You see a stranger crying in the street.

Someone is offended by something you've just said.

In a social setting...

Your colleague changed her hairstyle and she asks if you like it, but you don't. You...

You can tell when someone is lying to you.

People tell me I get "too emotional."

You have a high level of empathy

You have a high level of empathy

People who are highly empathetic tend to emphasize commonalities rather than differences. You tend to be more open to alternative points of view.

They also tend to be great conversationalists.

You have a fair level of empathy

You have a fair level of empathy

You have a low level of empathy

You have a low level of empathy

Low levels of empathy have been linked with autism and antisocial personality disorder.

Some studies suggest that the higher you climb on the career ladder, the less empathy you have.