Can you pass this Sats English exam?

How well do you know your grammar, punctuation and spelling? Take this quiz to know if you would pass this English Sats exam.

Created by indy100
On May 11, 2016
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Which sentence uses an apostrophe correctly? Tick one.

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What is the name of the punctuation mark used between the two main clauses below? My sister loves team sports; my brother, on the other hand, prefers individual sports – such as athletics.

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Tick the option that shows how the words in brackets are used in the sentence.
My baby brother was born in the hospital [where my father works].

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Tick a sentence that contains a preposition.

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Which sentence is written in the active voice?

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Which sentence is punctuated correctly?

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Tick to show which sentence uses the past progressive.

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Which of the sentences is a command?

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Which sentence uses the hyphen correctly?

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Which punctuation mark should be used in the place indicated by the brackets? “Why did you do that?” he asked [ ] Harry was surprised by his classmate’s actions.

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