POLL: Motorcycle Technology vs. Rider Skill

Do you think technology can dangerously reduce the need for skill in motorcycling?

Can technology replace skill?

There is no doubt that technological advancements are significantly impacting the motorcycling world. Almost all major manufacturers are releasing an electric model, but BMW is taking it one step further by recently releasing a video of a self-driving motorcycle navigating a track on its own.

The point of this technology, according to Motorrad, is to develop stability control and hopefully reduce motorcycling accidents in the future. It’s possible that technology will also be paired with things like Bosch’s “sliding mitigation” jet thrusters or Suzuki’s “riding assist” motorcycle. But will this take the skill out of motorcycle riding? Are we potentially entering a new age where riders, unaware of the challenge of “traditional” motorcycles, may be in danger after riding these technological models? Let us know below! 

Do YOU think technology can dangerously reduce the need for skill in motorcycling?

Yes – A crucial part of motorcycling is the human element!
No – Advancements almost always increase safety.
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