What kind of lesbian are you?

We all know the cliches. Find out where you fall on the lady-loving spectrum!

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On Jan 28, 2018
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Pick a button-up, any button-up.

What's your cliché lesbian dream job?

Choose some shoes.

How often do you shave during the summer?

Pick an album.

Pick a style icon.

Liven up your wall.

Pick a gay anthem.

Choose an Orphan Black clone.

How do you procrastinate?

Which couple will you stalk on IG?

Choose a bi badass.

What's your go-to LGBT movie?

Choose a vacation spot.

Who is your guy crush?

Which movie is the scariest?

Who is in your sex dream?

Which LGBT show would you rewatch?

According to Emily's List, in 9th grade your sexual orientation was...

Your ultimate weakness.

The Tatted Up Bi-Girl

The Tatted Up Bi-Girl

You got the Emily cliché! You're confident, cool, and funny AF. While you're an art student on the outside, you're secretly a sensate on the inside. You go through monthly stages of intense productivity and structured sleep cycles, but these deteriorate after you discover a new show or good fanfic. You religiously watch Survivor and make top-notch slime. Even when times get rough, you're always up for a jumping competition.

The Fish Friend

The Fish Friend

You got the Hunter cliché! You're introverted, easily-amused, and girl crazy. Filmmaking is your life and one day you'll run your own LGBT film festival. Your dog and fish are your best friends and you're very obsessive, especially with movies and television. You constantly act like you're tipsy, and when people ask, you blame it on sleep deprivation. If a song were to play every time you entered a room, that song would be Enya's "Orinoco Flow".

The Super 6th Grader

The Super 6th Grader

You got the Lily cliché! You're smart, funny, and kind. You're an art kid and a film buff, and know the IMDB database like the back of your hand. You're very compassionate and caring towards everyone, which can get overwhelming for you at times. You love comedy, whether it's from stand-up, podcasts, or sitcoms. Font style is the first thing you notice on any poster or document, and graphic design should be your passion. You wish that more people watched your obscure British TV shows.



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