95% Of The Population Can't Find The 5th Hidden Soldier. Can You See Him?

There are 5 Young Boy Soldiers pictured in this visual riddle playing hide and seek. One of the boys has gone missing. Can you find him hidden here? Where could he be? Hurry we have to be home before dark.

Hugh Hughes
Created by Hugh Hughes
On Mar 2, 2017
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Seeing is believing and you can't see where he is hidden. You are in good company as this mind-bending classic illustration has been creating a sensation around the internet as everyone tries to solve it.

Most people can't solve this classic Hidden Soldier optical illusion. Try and see if you can solve it! 

Did You See The Hidden Soldier?

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That is so crazy that you solved it! You made the Top 5%! Brilliant! Time to celebrate. See you at the Pub. You know which one.

BRAG ABOUT YOUR SKILLS! Tell us how you did in the comments! Be sure to brag about your being in the Top 5% of the population who can spot the hidden soldier.

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