Test Your Knowledge With This Impossible El Clasico Quiz

Whether you're a fan of Barcelona or Real Madrid, this quiz will test your fandom limits.

Hot Pie
Created By Hot Pie
On Mar 29, 2017
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Which team has the most wins in the series?

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This is the only player in El Clasico history to have scored in 6 consecutive games

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What is the biggest win in an El Clasico match?

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Who has the most goals in El Clasico history?

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Besides Real Madrid And Barcelona, who is the only other team to have never been relegated from La Liga?

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Who was the most recent player to transfer between the two rivals?

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What object was infamously thrown at Luis Figo when the former Barca man returned to Camp Nou as a Madrid player in 2002?

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Who is tied with Lionel Messi for most hat tricks in El Clasico history?

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Who has the most El Clasico appearances?

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Which team has won more La Liga titles?

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Which team has won more Copa del Rey titles?

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