Which Star Wars Era Are You?

The Force is strong with all of the episodes. Find which part of the saga most suits you!

Created By Hollywood.com
On Apr 5, 2016

You were born closest to which decade?

Which leading lady is the fiercest?

Which of the following elements are essential in a good movie?

Pick a planet, any planet:

Favorite movie genre?

Creepiest Sith lord?

Pick your favorite outer-space occupation:

Who would you want as your Jedi Master?

What is the mark of a true hero?

Choose your favorite galactic creature:

The Originals (Episode 4-6)

The Originals (Episode 4-6)

You're a loyal and devoted "Star Wars" fan! You believe that The Force is strongest in the original movies, and would choose a mechanical Jabba the Hutt over a CGI creature any day.

The Prequels (Episode 1-3)

The Prequels (Episode 1-3)

You're a sucker for some good backstory! You don't mind the flack that the prequels have gotten for cheesy dialogue, as long as you get to see Yoda in his prime!

The Sequels (Episode 7 & Beyond!)

The Sequels (Episode 7 & Beyond!)

You're excited for the "Star Wars" chapters to come! With lots of character development and history in past episodes, you're focused on finding out what's going to happen in a galaxy far far away.